Saturday, September 29, 2007

Met Meltdown!!

In one of the more exciting final weeks that MLB has seen in years the National League still has seats on the bus to the playoffs unclaimed. The Mets continue their meltdown and now TRAIL the Philadelphia by a game. This will be the biggest choke since the Brooklyn Dodgers let the New York Giants catch um’ then beat um’ with the shot heard round’ the world in the three game playoff. The Mets lost again to LAST PLACE and 90 loss Florida yesterday to land a near-fatal blow to their playoff hopes. What is wrong with this club? How do you go from being a division winner do not even participating? Is it the Willie’s managing, pitching? lack of run scoring, or a combination of three?

American Leage Playoff lineup is set.

The AL will be wild with great match-ups! The Yanks get a favorable draw and could find themselves in the ALCS while their two biggest nemesis squaring off with each other as they deal with the very beatable Cleveland Indians. Or perhaps the Indians are the sleeping giant waiting to surprise the league. I know they have the best record, but are they a product of a division where they have not really been pressed for over since August?

Meanwhile the Angels 5-5 finish to the season cost them home field and now they must go to Fenway Park to take on the Red Sox in what will prove to be a great series. The Red Sox lineup is solid top to bottom, but the Angels seem to squeeze every bit of production out of their “lack of power” lineup. It’s long ball vs. small ball in this one.

Race comes down to last series of the season

The NL west will go down to the last game of the season but the consolation prize will not be bad, as the survivor is the division winner and second place goes in as the wild card. The real race is between the Rockies and Padres for the wild card race as the teams match up in the final series of the season. The Padres have stumbled down the stretch as injuries and bad tempers have had a noticeable impact on not only their chances to win the division, but advance in the playoffs once they get there. The Rockies for that matter, still 9-1 in their last 10 and the hottest team in baseball but with a loss in game one may not be enough. The Cubs would rather play the Padres than the Rockies right now so once the division celebration ends the Cubs should turn into some So. Cal cheering fanatics!

Cubs Central Division Champs!

Congratulations to the Cubs for clinching the Central Division Title, could this possibly be the year? The Cubs have not been mentioned in ANY World Series banter and have slipped under the radar. Are they healthy enough, or do they have 4 starters good enough, to win a 7-game series?

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