Monday, October 22, 2007

Cleveland lets it slip away

In the spirit of “The Drive” and “The Fumble”, and their last visit to the ALCS the Cleveland Indians will watch another World Series from home after letting the Red Sox stay off elimination 3 times, return the favor, and beat them 3 times in a row to take the AL pennant of Sunday. What was the major reason for the Indian’s futility in the ALCS? The fact that their three aces went 0-3? Also, despite the final score Joel Skinner’s decision to NOT send Lofton on a play which he clearly would have scored was a MJOR momentum swing in game 7. Not only does Lofton score but there is also a runner on second, no double play and you’ve got a new ballgame. Was this the most important play in the series? Did they just not have the mental mindset to finish them? Does this go down with the afore mentioned Cleveland tragedies as one of the worst in Cleveland history?


sidewalk... said...

not only did cleveland let it slip away, i think they should have let it slip away when playing the yankees. im a big yankees fan and i would LOVE to see the red sox go DOWN!!

Fereshteh said...

Cleveland just couldn't handle the pressure.

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