Friday, October 26, 2007

Do or Die in Mile High

The Sox get 6 good innings from Schill’ and even better 2.2 from Okajima to hold off the Rockies in what could have proven to be the pivotal game of the series, winning 2-1. The clutch Rockies’ bats that we’ve seen in the divisional playoff and NLCS have been nowhere to be found in the first two games of the World Series. If they don’t find them over the two games off then all of the pundits or East Coast idiots that predicted a ‘Sox Sweep will be right on time. If the Rockies don’t cut into the Sox’ starter and that bullpen only has to work 3 innings a night then they are done, particularly if there is a day or two weather delay, then they may see Beckett again, sooner than later, then this is all over except for the parade.

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