Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sox and Yanks gear up for another run at the pennant

The Red Sox took the next step in the "dynasty creation" process by trying to galvanize their core lineup, signing Mike Lowell to a 3-yr 37 million dollar deal. The brings back Manny, Pappi, and now Lowell to an already lethal pitching staff. Between the Sox, Pats, and Celts, there is somethin' brewin' in Boston and it ain't tea. Can they repeat?

Meanwhile in the East Coast chess game, the Yankees countered by agreeing "in an outline" with Pay-Rod for close to 137 million. The newly crowned AL-MVP would be set to finish out his career AND take over the Home Run title in the house that Ruth Built.

New York then pushed more chips in the center of the table by signing the all-time best clutch closer in baseball, Mariano Rivera, to a 3-yr 45 million dollar deal. Add this to the Posada re-signing last week and the Bronx Bommers are now poised to contend again, but is age catching up with them? Do they need to make even more moves? Post your comments here and in the MLB chat room.

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