Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Mitchell Report is Finally Out

Finally the most anticipated report since the "Blacksox" indictment of early 1900's is out. It's extensive, and breaks the players down into three categories with most of the incriminating documentation being canceled checks or money orders made to Kirk Radomski, working as a trainer for the New York Mets, who admitted to distributing performance enhancing substances. Some of the major names that were listed are:

Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte Miguel Tejada

Lenny Dykstra Jason Grimsley Paul Lo Duca

David Segui David Justice Kevin Brown

Larry Bigbie Mo Vaughn Eric Gagné

Tim Laker Todd Williams Matt Herges

Todd Hundley Todd Pratt Mark Carreon

Kevin Young Rondell White

this is just the beginning of the fallout from this 347-page report, we will updating the blog periodically. Among the names listed Roger Clemens is one of the few that is stated in the report as actually being injected with testosterone AND HGH, and he ALSO denied using them, so does he ALSO deserve to be indicted similar to Barry Bonds? If not why? Post your thoughts here, also in the MLB chat room.


Girly Girl! said...

Boy's Will Be Boy's!

America, let's foucus on Cure's for Aids, Cancer, R/A, Fibromaygia, and all the other bondages.

Jesus is the only Hero, and he died for our Sins...
Let it go, and leave them along it's just entertaiment, like everything else you pay for . Teach you own kids about drugs, and who to lift up!

In short, It's the MLB, and they are all Boys!

tabare. said...

I believe that, in the first place, Barry Bonds never broke Babe Ruth's record (analize how many at bat Bonds had vs. Ruth)Secondly Bonds lied and perjuried himself. He does not deserve to be in the hall of fame,same as Pete Rose. Roger Clemens also cheated with steroids. He must be tried like bonds (Birds of a feather flock together.

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