Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Although this is a marathon, after 20 games in we’re beginning to see who might have the mettle to make a run at a pennant. In the AL West the Angles are where we expected them but the A’s are a surprise. Meanwhile in the Central, the White Sox take the early lead but this division has no standouts so look for the top of this division to change more often then the BCS. It is nice to see the Royals near the top, but then again they always tease their fans early the season then fade, this year will be no different. In the East, the Red Sox have assumed the top spot as predicted, while the Yankees are 500, in third place, with A-Rod injured, and an owner trying to change the pitching rotation. Is the Empire beginning to show cracks in the foundation? And what about the Rays? Everyone’s sleeper this year is still in bed 20 games in.
In the NL West Joe Torre is finding out how the other half lives as he and the Dodgers find themselves in the cellar. The D-Backs look like the best team in baseball let alone the NL leading by 5 games already, and taking control of the weakest division in the MLB. The NL Central could be the best AND the most competitive with the Cubs, Brewers, and Cards shuffling the deck on top. By the way is Pittsburgh EVER going to be any good?? The NL East looks line the NBA Western Conference with 4 of the 5 teams looking like they can win it. Is the division that good and they are just beating themselves or is it mediocrity playing themselves. Who has the stability to last the marathon? Who will improve over the next 20? Let us know here and in the MLB game chat rooms.
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