Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All-Star break less than one month away

Major League Batting Average Leaders

1. C Jones ATL .394

2. L Berkman HOU .358

3. A Pujols STL .347

4. M Holliday COL .332

5. M Bradley TEX .330

6. J Mauer MIN .325

7. A Rodriguez NYY .324

8. J Damon NYY .323

8. H Matsui NYY .323

10.R Martin LAD .314

RBI Leaders

1. J Hamilton TEX 76

2. A Gonzalez SD 65

3. R Howard PHI 64

4. C Utley PHI 63

5. L Berkman HOU 62

6. J Guillen KC 60

7. J Morneau MIN 59

8. C Lee HOU 58

9. R Braun MIL 57

9. M Teixeira ATL 57

9. D Uggla FLA 57

Who would be your starting lineup? Would Milton Bradley be on your team, if so, as a starter or as a sub? Looking at the top batting averages in the league how are the Yankees 5 game out? Is their pitching that bad, and do they need to make some moves before the break to make up the ground? Will this be a typical NYY late season surge at the finish for more business as usual. What to make of the Rays they look like they have some actual staying power. Last but not least, although they don't have any players at the top of the charts in stats the Cubs are tied for the best record in baseball and FINALLY look poised to get back to the show after a century. Is this the year? Smacchat gets more extensive coverage of the year from here on out but let us know your thoughts here or in the MLB game chatrooms.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cards and Tigers in major trouble before all-star break

Albert Pujols suffered a ‘strained left calf’ in the seventh inning of the Card third straight victory and will be out indefinitely. What this means is that St. Louis, tied for the second best record in the NL, will not be able to keep pace with the red-hot Cubs. A .591 winning percentage that would give them a sizeable lead in NL West or tied for first in the East, is only good enough for second in the toughest division in baseball this year. Without Albert the Cards can not hope to keep pace and my find themselves out of the race for the pennant and had better focus on the wild card.

Another disparate situation on the AL side is the Detroit Tigers who already find themselves ten games back of the division leader and struggling just to stay there. The Dontrel Willis trade has officially blown up in their face. The 29 million dollar debacle where they traded pitchers from their farm system who already have more MLB wins this year (4) than the D-train. Now the highest paid A pitcher in history, Willis was sent down to “reconstruct” his physical and mental game. Meanwhile Cabrera(.278) has not materialized as the dominating hitter to accompany Ordonez and where has pudge(.250) disappeared to? Add these factors up and the sum is a last place team with a payroll of a contender, but a management team on the chopping block.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cubs on a roll, should NL West be regulated?

The Cubs are looking to win their tenth straight game, are in first place in June for the first time since they won the world series before my grandfather was born. A great match up with Greg Maddox who won his first Cy Young award with the Cubs some time ago is upcoming including the meat of the first half schedule. Are they going to be around when all is said and done in October?
Does anyone want to win the NL West? Better yet does someone in the East want to transfer to the West? The D-Backs and Dodgers have BOTH lost 7 of their last 10 but manage to keep their place. Arizona is still 3.5 up on LA who is still 7 games back and 3.5 up on the third place club. Obviously this is the worst division in baseball? But can it become anything other than a first round playoff practice for the team with the best record?
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