Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All-Star break less than one month away

Major League Batting Average Leaders

1. C Jones ATL .394

2. L Berkman HOU .358

3. A Pujols STL .347

4. M Holliday COL .332

5. M Bradley TEX .330

6. J Mauer MIN .325

7. A Rodriguez NYY .324

8. J Damon NYY .323

8. H Matsui NYY .323

10.R Martin LAD .314

RBI Leaders

1. J Hamilton TEX 76

2. A Gonzalez SD 65

3. R Howard PHI 64

4. C Utley PHI 63

5. L Berkman HOU 62

6. J Guillen KC 60

7. J Morneau MIN 59

8. C Lee HOU 58

9. R Braun MIL 57

9. M Teixeira ATL 57

9. D Uggla FLA 57

Who would be your starting lineup? Would Milton Bradley be on your team, if so, as a starter or as a sub? Looking at the top batting averages in the league how are the Yankees 5 game out? Is their pitching that bad, and do they need to make some moves before the break to make up the ground? Will this be a typical NYY late season surge at the finish for more business as usual. What to make of the Rays they look like they have some actual staying power. Last but not least, although they don't have any players at the top of the charts in stats the Cubs are tied for the best record in baseball and FINALLY look poised to get back to the show after a century. Is this the year? Smacchat gets more extensive coverage of the year from here on out but let us know your thoughts here or in the MLB game chatrooms.


Anonymous said...

Ride_FTM - the cubs, wrigley field, cubs fans, their colors, thier jerseys, their mascot, their 7th inning stretch singing, their "its gonna happen" signs, their throwing the ball back, their singing some win song after the game is all lame. honestly, everything about the cubs is lame and cheesy. its almost like the kindergarden baseball team of the mlb. if youre a real cubs fan ignore this, but 98% of cubs "fans" are easily the worst baseball fans in America. im not just saying it to say it, most cubs fans couldnt have a legitimate conversation about baseball to save their lives. "loveable losers", i'll end with that incredibally pathetic nickname for a team.

Anonymous said...

arentfrow - I would play clete over gary any day of the week. Face it man sheffield is not the player he once was. He got his one last big payday with the tigers. If no one was on base he still would have been hitting well below the mendoza line. Hell they may rename it the sheffield line after this year. Oh he has some muscle memory lost. Like the memory that allows him to hit. I never understand how gary gets people to give excuses for him. He was using the excuse that he was not playing the field so he was not getting into the game as well. We put him in the field and he becomes and instant liability because of his hurt shoulders and still did not do any better at the plate. He should be nothing better than a bench player.

Anonymous said...

I find your lack of faith disturbing. Twins have never had a "serious punch" and have ALWAYS depended on timely hitting and good pitching. Sure the fantasy numbers won't be impressive, but don't be surprised if they do well in the second half.

Anonymous said...

jetmet -

FYI Smacchat Guy, the all-star game is supposed to be a collection of the best players for THAT YEAR. Yes, Milton Bradley has had problems in the past, and has been inconsistent. but this year he is putting up the numbers and deserves to be on the squad. put your personal west coast hatred aside(his stint with the dodgers)and admit he has had a great year.

Anonymous said...

not ONE mention of the RED SOX?? Actually we're in first place and TIED for the best record in baseball! The Anaheim Angels want nothing to do with us!I hope we do get them again so Boston can whup up on LA again!!!

Anonymous said...

CardnNYC -
And no mention about the Cards???? I am so sick of everyone jumping on the Cubs band wagon just because they have sucked for 100 years! The Cards have always been competitive and I would trade that for all of the sympathy fans in the world!

Anonymous said...

YANKEE4Evr - Every year all of the Yankee haters band together and count us out. Note to the Hater Nation: WE'RE ONLY 5 GAMES OUT!!! All it takes is to 7 out of 10 and we're right back in it to win it. 33% of our lineup is hitting in the Top 10!!!!How do you expect a team like that to fold???? just wait until September when all of the pretenders fade and see who is left! Boston sux!!! go Yanks!!

Anonymous said...

damienmorris - I'm happy to see the likes of the Royals, the Rays - and as a Phils fan, I hate to say - the Marlins doing well. It's nice to see some new blood in discussions like this.
I was cynical about my favorite sport in the early 2000s, when the World Series was pretty much the Steinbrenner Invitational, but I think we might be coming back to the days when the only reason you'd miss the postseason wasn't because you were in the wrong ZIP code, it was because you were just plain awful. Think about all the so-called "small market" teams that were successful in between the periods of Yankee dominance (the late '70s through the mid-90s). In that time period, the A's, Reds, Royals, Twins, and Blue Jays all won titles and the Pirates, Expos, and Brewers eitherplayed for one or came very close to doing so. And the "big" teams - Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Braves and (unfortunately) my Phillies were just bad and couldn't compete with a checkbook alone.
More teams in the mix makes the game more exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing it unfold.

Anonymous said...

Rmack1115 - that's what kills me about the ignorant bandwagon fans that spew out "26-7" at any Red Sox fan... I'm pretty sure that the Red Sox couldn't care less about that right now considering they are the defending champs and have taken 2 out of the last 4. It's like when a Philly fan breaks my stones about the Mets collapse, I sit there and say "you're right, you won the east last year, you were in the playoffs, we were golfing"... I don't sit there and tell them that they only have 1 championship in their history... who really cares? I'm more concerned about the present than the past. As a Yankee fan I'm sure you appreciate the history of the franchise, but it is nice when intelligent Yankee fans (such as yourself) acknowledge that their past titles, as nice as they are, shouldn't take focus away from the present

Anonymous said...

All of the Yankee fans are getting all excited because they finally have some starting pitching but "Call me when he wins a game against the Angels or the White Sox or the Red Sox or the RAYS!"

In his career against those teams he is: 12.1 IP, 17K, 1.48 ERA, 1.20 WHIP

I didn't realize how overrated he was. He only succeeds against the bad teams.

Anonymous said...

TrolleyDodger32 - The Joba debate is a good one. Yes, it's longevity that matters and batters will adjust but Yankee fans are excited that this kid has pitched so well so early. Yankee anti-fans (haters is so cruel - ha!) justly have a point about the hype, which is heavy from ESPN. Where is the talk about Stoltz? Who, you say? Everybody knows Joba. Stoltz has only pitched in 9 games but he does have a CG shutout and an ERA of 0.60, so that ain't hay. It's good to be a Yankee if you like the spotlight. And as great as Ryan was, he did play on poor teams with low run support and walked a lot of batters. I saw him pitch plenty of times and it was impressive, but winning is the name of the game.

Anonymous said...

Timothy -

They better not lose Damon and Matsui or they are done. This is why the Yankees need younger position players. Its nice to see them developing and bringing up young pitchers but they need to do that with young position players and I don't just mean bring them up for a short time keep them up and please do something with Rasner and Giese. I just don't see the Yanks doing it with those 2. Hopefully Wang can come back and Hughes and Kennedy might be motivated with the way Joba is pitching and that will make them step up.

Anonymous said...

How about those TWINS 9-Straight NOW the longest streak in baseball. They don't deserve any mention??? Ya know, that's fine, soon everyone will be on OUR wagon once the Cubs' wagon loses a wheel or two!!

Anonymous said...

soxchampsagian- I got news for all of you Yankee fans, one pitcher does not make a rotation. your pitching will not hold up. you got all of that stick in your lineup but no one in the pen to hold the leads! you may be 5 games back but you will fade and come October will be watching the 'city of champions' raising another banner in beantown baby! Sox for the 3 in 5 !!!

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