Monday, August 11, 2008

120 games into the season 5 out of 6 races, still up for grabs

In the AL East the Rays have proven all pundits wrong and actually do have the stones to hold off the Sox and Yanks. After stumbling out of the gate after the all-star break the Rays have won 8 of their last 10 and opened up a 4 ½ game lead in the AL East. With Joba out for a minimum of 15, and getting the prickly side of the broom in Anaheim, the Yanks appear to have a fork in them. Now the question is, can the “Mannyless” Sox have enough offense to run down the Rays? If not, they should be able to hold on to the Wild Card, get into the playoffs and then anything can happen. In the Central one would have to go with the ‘other’ sox to take down the crown, but one of the afore mentioned clubs could soon be “must win” series as the White Sox and Red Sox meet on the south side of a series that if a sweep occurs could change fortunes in a hurry.


breiman said...

i commented after the giants series and the dbacks picking up dunn that the blue crew was done....thanx for making me into a liar. luvwhat u did against a quality phillies team. anyone that sees the dodgers on a regular basis please let me know if im wrong, it seems that kent gives no respect to Ramirez for what he has bought to the dodgers. i cant remember what he said when they first picked him up but like tonight he made no mention that he is now getting good pitches in the 3rd slot bc manny is next, instead he said something to the fact that he just started hitting. come on manny is the main reason why the dodgers are confident and believing in themselves

PHCharger7 said...

The cubs have the hot hand right now...and thats why its week by week power rankings..the only reason the angels have a better record right now than the cubs is because they had that huge week when they didnt lose, and thats why they were at the top for those weeks, but that was a couple weeks ago, and now these recent weeks the cubs have been playing just as good as the angels if not better and thats why theyll prolly be back at the top again this week, cause "THIS" week they played best

ITTTOM said...

The Angels SWEPT the Yankees and their ABOVE .500. The Angels only lost one game this week also and improved their record at home (they already have a really good road record). Their above .500 at home and on the road. The Angels will get that #1 spot, sorry. Angels are playing well right now."

thebearsarethebestteamever said...

Enjoy it Cubs fans because I can't figure how anyone will beat the Angels unless there are injuries. Pitching always trumps hitting. Look what Sabathia is doing in Milwaukee. This power ranking is a bone. They're flat out a better team.

hardyaf said...

1) The Angels can take credit for the interleague results because they play 150(ish) games against the league that is better. For that matter, I have never said the Cubs were a bad team. I don't think the Angels and Rays would set records in the NL either. I think the Angels would probably have about 6 more wins as an NL team (provided they stayed the same) and the Cubs would have about 6 less as an AL team. I just made up that number (6) becaue it feels right. Could be 5, could be 7, whatever. Notice, the Cubs would still be a good team with 6 less wins. In either league. However, that makes what the Angels have done all the more impressive.

thubert1968 said...

I do not see any way that the top five this coming week should be anything but the following.

1. Angels - Best record, best RPI ranking. Enough said
2. Cubs - Very strong week, but they should never have been ranked ahead of the Angels this past week.
3. Tampa Bay - Very strong and leading the toughest league
4. Boston - I give a slight edge over the Brewers this week due to a higher RPI.
5. Brewers - If the crew doesn't crack the top five this week, something is wrong.

layofdapipe said...

Yeah I'm a die hard Red Sox fan but the Angels are my pick for the WS. Rays peaked too early.

chitownsportsfan said...

I agree with players from the al who move to the nl stats can go up but it works the same way with players from nl teams that move to the al, lets see josh hamilton and carlos quentin have produced some pretty good numbers this year after not having fantastic years last year in the nl. (although quentin didn't get much playing time in arizona). Also so far Jason Bay and Xavier Nady have kept producing with the move to the al so far but its still early. As for the Cubs being No. 1 and im a cub fan i don't think they deserve the top spot at least right now until they finish a week with a better overall record then the halos.

hardyaf said...

You guys want proof the AL is better than the NL (i mean, proof besides the 600 record the AL posted against the NL in interleague play?). Chew on this one. Name on player from the AL who has moved to the NL and been successful. Let me throw you some examples of the other way. CC Sabathia had a 4+ era in Cleveland. Moves to the NL Central (the supposedly best division in baseball), and he has pitched 4 complete games and is 7-0 with a sub 2 era in 8 starts. Manny Ramirez, I forget the exact numbers, but doesn't he already have 4 HRs as a dodger? Edgar Renteria, moved to the AL this year, is batting around 60 points below his career average. Miguel Cabrera (love him to death, but heh, numbers don't lie), batting 30 points below his career average. Fact is, AL players who go to the NL excel, because of how easy it is, and NL players who move to the AL find out just how hard it is to play in the Varsity league.

christianstorm said...

You geniuses, who obviously know believe the Angels are so much better then the Cubs, forget that the Angels have padded their record against AAA baseball team such as the putrid Mariners, lifeless A's, and the pitching #### poor Rangers.

The Cubs on the other hand have to battle both the Brewers and Cardinals, both of whom would murder the Angels highly overrated pitching and would shut down the extremely average Angels offense. The Cubs own both of the aforementioned Brewers and St. Louis teams and would beat the Angels like a drum. The Angels might be able to shut down the mighty A's and Mariners offenses, let me list all of the offensive stars on those two teams put together..hmm.... I can't think of ONE!!! ON EITHER TEAM!!!!

Let me throw a few names at you that the Cubs have to deal with on a daily basis.... Albert Pujols- Ryan Braun- Prince Fielder- Cory Hart- Adam Dunn- Lance Berkman- Carlos Lee- Xavier Nade- Jason Bay- Rick Ankiel-Ryan Ludwick. If the Angels had to face these dudes day after day they'd think they were pitching in Colorado. And the Cubs offense compared to the Angels offense?? PLEASE!!

For that matter lets talk pitching: 1) Carlos Zambrano 12-4 2.76 ERA (and he's a better offensive player than anyone on the A's or the Mariners) 2) Ryan Dempster 12-4 2.93 ERA 3) Rich Harden 6-2 2.27 ERA 4) Ted Lilly 11-6 4.26 ERA. And yes, they've earned those numbers against the above offensive players. Not Adrian Beltre and Daric Barton. Any questions?

mpomatto said...

"The AL might be slightly better, but that has become a debatable point."

The nl hasn't won an All-star game in, what, 13 years. The nl was completely dominated in interleague play. The AL has won 10 of the last 15 World Series. I'm not sure how much more I need to make my argument.

"And the NL central could be argued to be the best in baseball, home to the top 3 teams in the national league."

You'd have a tough time convincing cardinal fans that is true. And you'd take the cardinals over the mets or phillies? And you call me insane?

"And the Cubs showed that their offense is great by putting up big offensive numbers on the road against the Brewers 2 aces in Sabathia and Sheets."

When you can do that against AL pitching consistently, then I'll be impressed.

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