Thursday, August 28, 2008

162 games may not be enough to decide half of MLB’s divisions.

In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the attendance in Tampa Bay many of you have NOT, half the pennant races are still up for grabs with only 30 games to go. Two are currently within one game and change from day to day. Starting in the NL east where, after an amazing 7 run comeback win, the Phils find themselves only ½ game back of the Metropolitans. However, over the last month of the season the Phils have the more difficult schedule by far. With 17 games against teams in the pennant race as opposed to only 10 for the MYM, in a race that is so close we think that will be the difference. Furthermore after their collapse at the end of the season last year that cost Willie Randolph his job, don’t look for the Mets to repeat the feat. We like them to hold on and get take the division. The Brewers already got dibs on the Wildcard so to the victor go the spoils and the loser is home in time for Thanksgiving.

It’s a good thing baseball does not go by a “win by 2” like volleyball otherwise the AL Central could go to 200 games. Right now the White Sox have the upper hand and are a game up but by the time this is posted in could be the exact opposite. The Twins are starting their ‘kick’ down the stretch but at 6-4 and 5-5 respectively neither are setting the league on fire. The loser may still get a Wild Card birth here as the Red Sox up by two games for now, but that is subject to change. We happen to like the ‘South Siders’ down the stretch solely because of their strength of schedule, or lack there of, as they have a 3-game stint with the Angels who are not playing well and a 4-game with the Yankees who are now buried next to Hoffa and other NY gangsters. The one advantage the Twins do have is that the 3-game, head-to-head series vs. the White Sox that could decide it is in Minnesota. Who is your pick to come out of the AL Central?

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