Monday, September 29, 2008

'South Siders' hold off Twins in one game playoff

In a dramatic one-game playoff the Chicago White Sox got contributions from their senior citizens/future hall of famers Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr. One did it with the stick and the other with the arm as they defeated the Twins 1-0, turning the table in a game that resembled Minnesota’s 1-0 memorable victory over the Braves in the World Series where JoMo pitched his gem. Thome hit what proved to be the game winning 461 foot hr in the 7th inning after Jr. threw out a runner at the plate in the sixth. Both pitchers had excellent games but John Danks ,who went eight innings despite the Twins starters have a .434 career batting average against him, was the story of the game. Now after winning two straight games that could have ended their season, the ‘South Siders’ get on a plane to Tampa to take on the Rays on Thursday. Do they have enough left in the tank to carry them through the ALDS?

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