Monday, October 13, 2008

Dodgers play a little 'chin music' of thier own

The ALCS may be even at one game a piece but the Sox did what they set out to do and got a split at Tropicana Field which recently has become a tough place to play now that they actually have more than five thousand fans at the games. Boston sends out Lester and the Knuckleballer Wakefield in games 3 and 4 while the Rays counter with Garza and Sonnanstine. I don’t why we bother to list the starting pitchers because they don’t seem to make it out of the fifth inning. In any case these have been two great games so far and are making believers out of the baseball faithful that you don’t need a team from New York to have an exciting post season. The powers that be would want to see a rematch of the NBA finals with Boston/LA and the return of Manny, but if the Sox don’t take game 3 at home and send a .500 pitcher in Wakfield to the mound in game 4 they may have to deal with ratings worse than the forgotten Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle. In the NL the Dodgers showed some pride, heart, and a little huevos in not only standing up to Philly but making them duck for a change. After taking a commanding five run lead Dodger pitcher Kuroda retaliated for the behind the head pitch to Man Ram with an over-the-head pitch of his own. This cleared the bases but most importantly made a statement that they won’t going to be intimidated. An impressive home win for LA but if they don’t hold serve in game four it won’t mean a thing. Is there a collision course for another Boston/LA showdown? Would you like to see that or a fresh face in the World Series? Talk about it here and in the MLB chat rooms.

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