Monday, October 27, 2008

Phillies can clinch title tonight *UPDATE*

The Rays got a stay of execution, divine intervention, or what ever you want to call it in the top of the 6th inning as BJ Upton got a base hit, stole second, then scored on a base knock to left field tying the score at two. The game was called due to weather then next inning and pushed to Tuesday. If the Rays did not send him to the plate and the stranded the tying run 90-feet away, then Philly’s series clenching win would have come as rain-induced shortened game. Do the Rays feel like they are off of life support and if they come back over the next 3 innings can they sweep the final two at the Trop and take the series?

As the Phillies Ryan Howard busted out of his slump in a big way Evan “don’t call me Eva” Longoria has fallen in a big one, and at the best and the worst of times. When the Phillies needed to put their foot on the throat of the Rays Howard went 3-for-4, with two jacks, five Ribbi’s, and raised his average to .353. Meanwhile when the Rays need a victory to get back in the series Eva goes 0-for-4, is still hitless in the series, with an average of .000. That could be the long and the short of it as game 5 takes shape tonight in Philly. I for one am done second guessing the Rays as they have come back from the brink time after time this season and defied the odds by holding off the perannual AL East snobs Sox and Yanks, but all of their “McGuyver-esque” moves may not get them out of this jam. The good news is, if they win tonight they make it back home where they have the best record in the Majors this year AND they have Kazmir on the bump. The bad news is need only one win to SEND them back home for the summer ant they have Cole “as the other side of the pillow” Hamels on the mound. I don’t dare say it but, you may see some Rays sitting courtside watch Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic kick off their season.

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