Monday, October 13, 2008

Phils and Rays now in driver seat

Phils one win away after 4 run 8th

For the first time in the post season the Dodger relief staff was less than optimal and the Phillies took full advantage of it, pounding out two 2-run jacks in the 8th inning to find themselves one win away from the World Series. The normally ice-cold and reliable LA staff was flaccid, serving up big flys of epic proportions. Taking a 2 run lead into the 8th inning Philly got a power surge from unexpected places, Jose Victorino and some guy named Matt Stairs and when they finally found the balls Philly was up two with two to go. Now it is all over but the shouting as LA must sweet the last three of the series, two of which are in Philadelphia. Joe made a great run at it, and for his first year got better results than LA had showed in twenty years but he will have to wait until next year to prove he was more than the beneficiary of a Steinbrenner exorbitant pay roll.

Rays take trip to Fenway and regain home field

Barring ALCS game one the Rays have been the most consistent offensive team in the post season thus far, as once again they scored more runs than they have total playoff games and sent the Fenway crowd home early in game 3. Now the worst they can do is go back home retaining their home field advantage. However with Tim Wakefield on the bump in game four they will look to do more than that, mainly take a commanding 3-1 lead back home with a chance to clinch at home. The matchup Bud Selig and most of the baseball world wanted to see looks like a dim fantasy right now, being read it’s last rights. The RedSox bats may have something to say about it before it’s all said and done but had better show some stick tonight to counter the run-production of the Rays. This time there won’t a Manny speech to draw the attention off the futility they will have to handle that on their own.

The ALCS may be even at one game a piece but the Sox did what they set out to do and got a split at Tropicana Field which recently has become a tough place to play now that they actually have more than five thousand fans at the games. Boston sends out Lester and the Knuckleballer Wakefield in games 3 and 4 while the Rays counter with Garza and Sonnanstine. I don’t why we bother to list the starting pitchers because they don’t seem to make it out of the fifth inning. In any case these have been two great games so far and are making believers out of the baseball faithful that you don’t need a team from New York to have an exciting post season. The powers that be would want to see a rematch of the NBA finals with Boston/LA and the return of Manny, but if the Sox don’t take game 3 at home and send a .500 pitcher in Wakfield to the mound in game 4 they may have to deal with ratings worse than the forgotten Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and Seattle. In the NL the Dodgers showed some pride, heart, and a little huevos in not only standing up to Philly but making them duck for a change. After taking a commanding five run lead Dodger pitcher Kuroda retaliated for the behind the head pitch to Man Ram with an over-the-head pitch of his own. This cleared the bases but most importantly made a statement that they won’t going to be intimidated. An impressive home win for LA but if they don’t hold serve in game four it won’t mean a thing. Is there a collision course for another Boston/LA showdown? Would you like to see that or a fresh face in the World Series? Talk about it here and in the MLB chat rooms.


rusty said...

Oh man, I don't know Philly. I've eaten more Tums in those games than I wanted to. Maybe I'm just beaten by years of failure and expect the worst. Trust me, I want more than anythign a Phillies WS (and then a Flyers cup), I'm just skeptical. When people post up "the end of the slump" stuff I feel like it's saying shut out with 5 minutes to go you know?

acientoperator said...

The Phillies can beat the Rays if their pitching can keep the Rays hitters frustrated or in check... When the pitching is poor, the Rays hitters feast like Game 2 and 3 of the ALCS... But when its good, like in Game 1, they can't create scoring opportunities. Also, not having a DH in the NL park will not be much of a disadvantage for the Rays as they have no big name DH.

fromdau127 said...

I don't know too much about the rays, but I don't think the sox will allow themselves to get blown out again in fenway. There might be a riot in boston if that happened again. I'm thinking its gonna be close, with the sox coming out on top by a run or 2

philly123123 said...

For tonights game...the red sox are swinging the bats really bad right now...and the rays have multiple hot bats in the line up, you guys all saw those home runs last night...we'l have to see how well Wakefield does...if they get on him early watch out!!!

however i still think the red sox pull this one off....if not i can't wait to see how early all the "boston faithful" leave tonight.

philsandFlyers said...

Ancient, thanks for putting something worth reading.

I think the Rays are still underrated, even though they made it this far, they are still new to success, but they are proving they deserve.

The Sox do have the experience. Ortiz isn't having a great postseason, but they make clutch hits when they need to, especially from Bay and Lowrie. And Papelbon has been very good so far.

Hope we have a chance to face them.

cmiller said...

f the Rays win the ALCS, they win with home runs, base running, and the starting pitcher is good to very good. Also, they will be sky high after having beat the defending WS champs. The OF defense is superb. On the other hand, they can be emotional, which can go against you. And, as seen in Game 1, they can be shut down as Dice-K did to them.

If the Sox win, they are experienced and take advantage of opportunities to manufacture runs. In spite of the last 2 games, the starting pitching can be very good or even dominant. The defense is clutch and the baserunning good. Their weakness is that have to manufacture runs, there is no more big power from Ortiz and Manny. Also, the BP can be shaky, especially the Oki-Del Carmen-Masterson crew.

So how does the Phillies match up with the above strengths and weaknesses of each team?

pea1977 said...

sox have their backs against a wall which lately hasnt meant sh$%. however, they still lack MANNY RAMIREZ, which is why the other bats in the lineup saw so many good pitches in the past and he can change a series with one swing. Bay has been great but look at Ortiz's numbers so far. Manny controlled the ebb and flow of this team at the plate

memo0616 said...

I have a feeling that the Rays are the Rockies of last year. Surprised everyone with their young talent then next season went back to their sucking ways.

aw are u bitter? suck it up fool. the rockies got hot at the end thats all it was a once in a lifetime thing meanwhile the rays have been good all season long

elccpa said...

I don't care what any of you say...the Rays and the Phillies in the World Series and NOBODY cares! That is the way it's going to be if the Red Sox can't pull it off against the Rays. That's just a fact whether any of you, including this mental midget Keown, want to admit it or not. Nobody outside a couple of fans from St. Pete and Phillies fans, will care. It will be one of the lowest rated WS ever. Sorry Phillies fans but that's just the way it is. No apology to the few Rays fans out there. I have gone to many games at the Trop and I swear the Rays fans are all in-bred!

jonesinto said...

A Dodger Sox series would be great entertainment. Who except for Sox fans wouldn't want to see Epstein's face when he watches Manny beat the Sox all knowing that it is the Sox that are paying his salary. It would also be entertainment to know that Manny would get a ring no matter who won.

As for the Phils...they have played well. I do think the Dodgers have let game 1 and game 4 slip out of their hands. They should have won both those games. Both games had 1st inning dings that hit the top of the fence. If those balls went over the wall, the games would have been totally different in terms of personalities. BUT...thats not what happened and the ball has bounced the Phils way...good for the Phils and thier fans...that is how the game goes. I will say that if it is the Phils and Rays then this world series might be the lowest rating ever...I know I will barely show interest and most people I know won't watch much themselves. But that it how it goes...the hottest team (not necessarily the best team) wins and gets the ring.

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