Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rays breakthrough in Game 7 and will face Philly in World Series

After Matt Garza gave up the first inning jack to Dustin Pedroia Red Sox nation was creating t-shirts with “The Greatest Comeback Ever” imprinted on them, however the Rays stopped the presses in the middle innings and took a 3-1 lead into the eighth inning where a rookie named David Price, who has only been with the club since May, came in out of the pin, shut the Sox down, leaving the bases loaded in the process and smothered the last gasp of the cardiac kids. With the exception of the afore mentioned Pedroia home run Garza pitched an absolute gem, exceeding his normal pitch count and allowing the Rays enough time to catch and pass the Sox. Then the kid comes in with this 12-1 minor league record and gets out of a big league jam via strike out and the rest could be history. So it will be the Phillies and Rays, the two teams Major League Baseball did NOT want in the World Series but rest assured the best teams of 2008 are competing for the prize and don’t be surprised if this is one of the best series of the last decade, and New York my breathe easier for now because the Boston didn’t make it, but these Rays are going to be around for a little while.


eaglesfan1886 said...

"Alright, everyone make your call right now! Who do you want to see win? Do you want the worst-to-first Rays to fulfill the ultimate Cinderella story, or would you want to see Philly break it's nigtmare, in the Billy Penn Curse?"

I'd like to see the Rays win - everybody loves an underdog, and the Rays are the ultimate underdog - but as long as it's a good series, I'd be fine with the Phillies winning too.

not many people care what somebody thinks when they cant stick to one city let alone when they cant stick to two cities.......bandwag on jumper at its best go away

PewterPirateMan said...

LETS GO REd sucks.........ohhhhh ......where did that might Red Sox Nation chant go.......

see ya later you arrogont ####'s!!!!

Lets GO RAYS!!!!!!!

Lets GO RAYS!!!!!!!

Lets GO RAYS!!!!!!!

Lets GO RAYS!!!!!!!

Lets GO RAYS!!!!!!!

And if you live in the Tampa Bay area and you are a Red Sox fans...please do not hop on the bandwagon, just get the F out of our state and move back to your snow covered #### in the northeast!!

Shizog4 said...

Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays, which is hard to say as a Red Sox fan.....But as a Sox fan living in Florida, The "Rays Fans" do not deserve a team in the world series for the terrible support they showed almost the entire year

thebeltz said...


mimthemiget said...

Boston Red Sox- 7 World Series Titles12 AL Pennants

New England Patriots - 3 Super Bowl Titles

Boston Celtics - 17 NBA Titles

Boston Bruins - 5 Stanley Cups
thats all i got to say

Kevl88mar said...

I love how people are saying that the Phils dont have guys dont watch baseball .obviously Cole Hamels is one of the top pitchers in the MLB... Brent Myers after his comeback was phenomenal, Moyer shaky in 2 starts this postseason is still a weapon, Joe Blanton is a good pitcher who can still hold opponents off the board, and dont forget the best bullpen in the MLB...just shut up and watch the series (i bet you are crying METS fans!)

redseat9 said...

Congratulations to the Rays on an unbelievable season and good luck to them in the WS. They were faced with adversity time and time again where lesser teams have crumbled, yet this incredibly talented crop of youngsters responded again and again right to the end. Thank you to my Red Sox for a great season and for showing the heart of a champion. Man I love baseball.

I know it's too late for this, but try to keep it classy on both sides people.

custOmize said...

Tampa Rays. who woulda thought at the beginning of the year that you guys would make the playoffs and possibly win the world series. wow. improbable. amazing. what a turnaround.

lets keep this consistent now Tampa.

go Rays. u have 2 root for there underdog story.

huntergolden44 said...

No way there's anyone can be blamed for the Red Sox loss. They just flat got outplayed. Serious tip of the cap to Tampa. Honestly. The ONLY team that could knock this Red Sox team off in the playoffs was a fearless team that frankly, doesn't know any better. The Rays don't know so much they have down syndrome. And god bless em for it. Great series.

phillyman18 said...

congrats rays, better luck next year Sox.
That being said rays are now the enemy. GO PHILS!!!!!!!
Game 1 Hamels vs. Kazmir on Wed should be a good one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say what you want guys but the Sox missed Manny and his clutch hitting. All the Sox needed was someone who would carry them through the pressure. Now we see that without Manny being Manny the Red Sox are the Red Sox of old.

cinoclay said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Congrats to the Rays and their fans! Can't wait for our Phillies to take you on! (This is also the matchup most of us wanted - the two underdog teams, battling it out for supremacy over all the rest.)

CHISOX2 said...

Thank god we don't have to hear about another "glorious" Boston comeback. Congrats Rays! Good luck in the World Series and represent the American League well.

RAYS&*(@ said...

Rays were always for real. Their fans are as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Up until 2 months ago there was no such thing as a Rays fan. Now 100,000 people say they've been a Rays fan for 10 years.

wewillybilly said...

Wow lots of bitter red sox fans who are either complaining or talking about what they did in the past. Well with more than 100 years of history I would think that you have lots of history to bank on (as opposed to ten bad years for the rays). Let's just face the facts: the better team won and this team is built to last many more years in the future. They have the second lowest payroll in baseball and still beat the "mighty sox." Every time they got pushed to the limit and had their backs to the wall they came thru to beat the red sox (see last two regular season series). I'm so sick of hearing all the boston fans in tampa/st. pete rant and rave about their great sox team, and for at least five more months those fans will just have to talk about how they are better than new york, not tampa bay. It will be even sweeter to raise the AL East Champions, AL pennant, and hopefully World Series Champions flags in front of the yankees next year in the home opener. HAHAHAHA take that Red Sox and Yankees fans for once the lowly Tampa Bay Rays are better than you. Anybody who didn't see it in the regular season just witnessed it in this seven game series in the biggest clutch situation in the young history of the Rays. World Series here we come!! GO RAYS!!!
Oh and just in case anyone forgot Tampa teams are 2-0 in their first appearance in championships and have gone thru Philadelphia teams both years. History is on our side.

tjs545 said...

Being a Redsox fan, I obviously heartbroken by tonight, but I'm not going to point fingers at the umpires or whine about managerial decisions. We played hard and lost to a very good team. The Sox and Rays were very evenly matched, and it turned out to be a phenomenal game and series. The Rays were just a little bit better tonight and the Sox couldn't cash in on those opportunities.

I'm actually looking forward to watching the series since I go to school in the Philly area. Although you do have some smaller market teams (Philly is kind of in between) I think the series will be worth watching. I wouldn't doubt that the Phillies and Rays break the WS homerun record with these two teams playing at the Trop and Citizens Bank, and I think that there's a good chance the series will go to a game 7. I say Phillies in 7.

On a final note... Just over a week till the Celtics tip off!

celticsforlife33 said...

Congrats to the Rays - way to pull out a win in game 7 on your first trip to the postseason and also shut up the obnoxious Sox fans (not all of them are obnoxious). As as as Rays fans being on the bandwagon, so what? If I were a Rays fan, I'd be happy about their success and for having only 10 years of futility (as opposed to 1). Good luck to the Rays in the WS.

bgtm said...

Huge Red Sox fan here... It hurts but Tampa clearly WON the big game and they deserve all the credit for it. The Phillies are a very good team but they know the Rays won't roll over and die. The Rays earned everything they've won this year and will have to earn the title as well. The Red Sox have some interesting decisions in regards to next's year's personnel (i.e. wakefield, timlin, varitek, cora). These guys are only role players, but in a series of atrition like this ALCS they can have a huge impact. Most importantly Beckett and Ortiz have to return to form, whether they were affected by injuries or not. The best pitcher and best hitter, neither of whom performed up to expectations in this year's playoffs. Should be an interesting 09 season in the AL East with 3 possibly 4 teams battling for supremacy. Yanks will make a run at some studs, Rays are absolutely LOADED for the future, the Jays have some horses and will always compete. But for now, it's a Tampa Bay Rays world and we're just living in it. Congrats to the 2008 AL Champs and do work in the Series.

berberage said...

"A few responses. First off, Manny Ramirez not being there didn't cost the Red Sox this series. It's doubtful they would have reached the ALCS with all his whining and lack of playing."

You are either high or illiterate, because if you'd glanced at Manny's second-half stats there is no way you could make the argument you just tried to make. Manny would've given the Sox the thing they lacked: A legitimate threat to keep the Rays pitchers honest.

"Secondly, the Rays did not deserve to win this series."

What's that sound? is your credibility, in pieces on the ground.

ladfansince77 said...

"Reasons why Boston lost this game
1. coco crisp should have lid to the base instead of around it. If so, he is safe. bases loaded.
2. why not pinch hit for Varitek who is in a slump when he was coming up in a critical at bat?
3. Bad coaching decisions on the part of boston."

4. The Rays are a younger, faster, healthier, better team.

phillies phan said...

i coulda sworn MLB had another record year in attendance? am i not mistaken?????? i dont think the ratings of the world series are going to make or break them ESPECIALLY since im pretty sure networks sign long term deals for the world series and MLB gets guaranteed money.....correct me if im wrong please

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