Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Sox rally as Dodgers fold

The reports of the Red Sox demise seemed to have been greatly exaggerated as they made the most amazing comeback that I have ever seen. Down three games to one, and 7-0 in game 5, if this was at any other stadium other than Fenway Park, half the fans would be gone, to a course of boos and the team would fold. But the Sox chose to disagree, battled, and came back to not only win the game but have a decent shot of forcing a game 7 as Josh Beckett is on the bump in game 6, and then anything can happen. If it does it will rank up there with “the comeback” vs. the Yankees resulting in their World Series victory. Can they do the impossible again? Meanwhile out in Tinsel Town Manny and the Blues could not recover from a far less daunting situation after serving up back-to-back two run jacks which reciprocated a two run deficit. The dodgers, in similar fashion to when Tom Niedenfeuer served up the 2-run homer to Jack Clark against the Cardinals in inning some years ago, simply folded their tent for the rest of that game and then mailed in game 5, going down four games to one. The run was nice while it lasted but ManRam will move on to what he calls “the highest bidder” and LA will go back to being a sub .500 club, still with no WS appearances in two decades. Props must go to Philly who woke the sleeping sticks and pounded the closest things LA had to ‘aces’ in Lowe and Billingsly, as neither posted one win in the series. Now they rest up for AL rep who now could be either one. Selig and many fans won’t get the series they wanted but don’t forget the 85’ series between the Cards/Royals when everyone wanted to see the Mets/Dodgers go up against the Angels (Reggie, Carew and Co.) that was one of the most exciting series to date. Could you get up for a Rays/Phillies series? Talk about here and in the MLB chat rooms.


allreal63 said...

There are two facts about this accomplishment and they are what makes the game so grand......This is WHY you PLAY the game and not just TALK about the matchups or stats; AND It's not OVER until it's OVER (as Yogi Berra said). This is very inspirational to the young and aspiring ballplayers with the message of fully giving yourself a chance by never giving up. Congrats to the Sox.

bshea99 said...

The only reason this was magical is because for the 3rd game in a row, the Rays were tooling the Sox like little girls. It was embarrassing for Sox fans everywhere. We booed Ortiz (big Pop Up), then we cleared out of Fenway during the 6th inning, only to come streaming back in when Drew actually made it a game again. This Sox team does not have what it takes to win it all this year Sorry, just being real.

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