Friday, October 3, 2008

Top Dogs in Big Trouble

After the first three rounds of the MLB playoffs the team with the best record both the NL and AL have yet to record a victory, as the Cubs (0-2) and Angels (0-1) find their backs against the wall. The Cubs sent their ace to the mound in Game 2 and the “Great Zambrano” was greeted with hits from the Dodgers and errors from his defense, as each member of his infield contributed one and they tied an NLDS record for futility, with the sum of parts equaling a 10-3 loss and almost and insurmountable 0-2 deficit for the Cubs. Meanwhile the best record in baseball, the LA Angels, dropped game one against the defending champion Red Sox and now face Daisuke in must win game 2 or risk having to scale Mount Everest in winter. The Brewers also find themselves down 0-2 and had their ace rocked as well as Phills got a huge 2 strike Grand Slam from Shane Victorino in the second providing the all the juice Philly needed to last the remaining 7 innings. Sabathia had his worst outing as a Brewer and it could not have come at a worse time as they must now sweep a team with a whole lot of momentum. Lastly, the Rays won their first ever playoff game and look to take the commander in game 2. Are the Cubs destined to continue the heartbreak? Are the Angels going to right the ship? Regardless of play during the season, who looks the best NOW?


AndronicusRy said...

I honestly don't know what to say. I've been a Cub fan since I was a kid watching Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson. And I watched the last two games in total disbelief. Is this the same damn team that won 97 games? The same team that had the best run differential in baseball? We couldn't even field routine ground balls yesterday. That's an understatement - the infielders were eaten alive by routine ground balls. Pitiful. I don't understand it. Someone mentioned that the Cubs played with a lack of intensity. That's dead on. In my opinion, the Cubs have played with complete apprehension. Everyone was so concerned about 100 years that they forgot how to play baseball. And the results are obvious.

I don't want to say that it's over. I don't want this year to end, not yet. But something has to change. We can't go into LA and play the same way. It'll be a sweep. The Cubs are going to have to dig deep. They need to improve from the bottom up. 1.) Change the lineup: bench Kosuke, move DeRo to right, and put Fontenot at second. Start hitting the damn ball!! 2.) Cubbies had the most runs scored in the NL. Get back to basics, work ahead in the count, get walks, get people on base. 3.) Quit walking people. I don't know how many times the pitchers have been down in the count. Too often. Work ahead, let them hit the ball. There's a good defense behind you (on most nights). This series isn't over yet. Three in a row isn't out of the question. Go Cubs Go!

sakmann67 said...

The Cubs are the Most Over Rated, Over Hyped Novelty Team in American Sports History. The Lovable Losers! There is Nothing "Fun or Cute" about them. They are the Ultimate Losers (Chokers).
Most of their fans are arrogant over-served crybabies. They feel they have a sense of entitlement. Like a World Series title is Owed them, because they are the "Cubbies". Cub fans have a warped sense of reality.
Wrigley Field is Old decrepit mausoleum that wreaks of Urine. 90% of the "Fans" go because Wrigley is A Big Beer Garden. I know so Few "Real" Cub Fans that remember the days of 5,000 people in the stands & Lee Elia cussing everyone out. The Older Wiser Cub Fans are the people I respect. The Young Cub Fan only knows Beers Girls & Bars. They Get loaded act & like Fools. They Feel its HIP to be a Cubs Fan (For Some Reason?) Being a Cub Fan is like being a Tortured P.O.W. I do not feel one bit sorry for any of em.
They truly are THE WORST FANS in baseball, just like Marty Brennaman & Jeff Brantley said. Brennaman called Cubs fans ''far and away the most obnoxious fans in baseball'' and added: ''This is what makes you want to see this Cubs team lose. Throwing 15 balls on the field, there's absolutely no excuse for that, and that is so typical of Cub fans.'' & "Cardinals fans were the best in baseball"
The upcoming 2008 Choke will Trump the 2003 Choke. I can't wait to see how they F.K. it up this year. The Lambs will be Led to Slaughter Once Again!

aron 03 said...

Thank you CUBS for giving me something to cheer about in the postseaon.
C ompletely U seless B y S eptember is what I usually say. Well you made it to September this year still in good shape. But, now it's October, and you failing just as the rest of the CUBS have for 100 years. Here's to another 100 years. I have seen that dude with that sign all season that says " It's gonna happen" well it's happening. The CUBS choke once again!!!!!!!!!!!! Life Is Good!!!

ehacatl03 said...

For the record the Dodgers bring in the most fans ANNUALLY! even more than the Yankees! You guys really just think this stuff up dont you. Cubs fans win 97 regular season games and expect to sweep everyone in the playoffs & WHY DO YOU THINK THAT? What facts or stats can you go off of in the last 100 years?!?!?! everyone seems to think they have better fans than L.A., the problem is, is that

"L.A. teams from college to pros win a lot! and so sometimes we get used to winning and it shows, we dont stand up and cheer for 15 mins because someone won a gold glove or raise a NL Central banner. ONLY CHAMPIONSHIPS BUDDY! we cheer when its time to cheer"


Look at the Staples Center. We ONLY have championship banners hanging. WTF is a division, or conference banner? Cubs fans, just give credit where credit is due already. You are being out classed. Real simple. Maybe if you give credit we'll relax on the barbs being thrown around here. Even though you guys deserve it for the ridiculous smack talk you guys had before the first pitch of this series was even thrown. GO DODGERS!!! Everyone bring a broom toe the stadium.

sweethomechicago said...

to all the Dodger fans saying how classless chicago fans are; let's just do a little hypothetical talk here;

even though we all know it will not happen, let's just say your team has the best record in the NL, and you guys get home field advantage. You guys send out your best pitcher whojust LOVES pitching at dodger stadium, as a matter of fact he hasn't lost more than 3 games at home! so you probably have high expectations for him doing what he has done all year, not walking 7 guys (a la "play with fire your gonna get burned") and the offense, ohh that offense, goign up 2-zip and then shutting off the bats like a power switch. so you get pissed, but it aint over til that fat b!tch starts singin. ok, come back in game 2, and your team commits 4 errors. and the bats? no where to really be found. are you telling me as one guy said "human nature" to boo in disgust of your team not performing to your/their norm of expecations? or would you have left by the 6th inning? or would you have missed the all the action because you were too busy on your blackberry watching the hills? seriously get a life LA fans. USC plays at home in the rose bowl every year, and the last time they performed on the national stage vince young bended them over like a prison-mate. the lakers are the wanna be bulls, kobe wants to be his airness (a la changing jersey # to 24), even jordan could do it with luuuc longley. i will always be the most optimistic cub fan,so i say let's see what happens tho its hard

DisgustedD said...

I guess Bartman was wearing a Cubs infielder jersey last night too. I mean what's another year Cubs fans since it's been 100 years already?

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