Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bidding starts high for Ramirez...

Ned Colletti says he made Manny Ramirez an offer. The Dodgers would make him the second highest paid player behind A-Rod. We don't know the length or actual dollar amount, but word has it somewhere around 4-year at $22m to $27m. It is not the 5 year deal Manny is adamant about, but if this is where the bidding starts, we might see Manny make a higher average salary than Rodriguez over a shorter period of time. "If you saw the bid, it's nothing that we're embarrassed by," Colletti said at the GM meetings. "Manny was close to that number, anyway — closer to that area than the last place he's been. "Rodriguez currently has the top average at $27.5 million under the 10-year deal he agreed to before last season. Mets pitcher Johan Santana is second at $22.9 million under the six-season deal he agreed to this year. Ramirez, acquired from Boston on July 31, is coming off a $160 million, eight-year contract he signed with the Red Sox before the 2001 season.
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