Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free agent derby hits the home stretch

The free agent derby is almost coming to an end and when the dust has settled it appears the rich have just gotten ‘richer’ as the evil empire landed the two biggest prizes in the sweepstakes by signing first basement Mark Teixeira and pitcher CC Sabathia in a middle finger extension to the luxury tax. Of course, loading up does not necessarily translate into precious finger jewelry, as the Yanks can attest to, but it sure does make them the team to beat again. Meanwhile the team that seems to have the cost/benefit analysis down to a science the BoSox, have resigned Kevin Youkilis to a four-year contract and added Takashi Saito, a great closer when healthy, to the ALCS runner-up lineup so let the fireworks begin. Aside from the two that everyone talks about the Angeles appear to only have gotten weaker this off season by tightening up on their wallets. Letting ‘Tex’ was a major mistake and they will be scrambling to replace his stick in the lineup. Last but not least Manny does not know where he will be Manny as of yet as there are not any takers right now who are willing to sign a long-term deal to a 40-year old who will be a liability in the field shortly. He wants full time money for DH time, and although LA could use him now, they may have another AJ on their hands if they agree to a 4-year deal. Who has done the best work during the off season? Let us know here and in the MLB blogs.

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