Monday, April 20, 2009

Marlins (and Yankees) are the early season surprises

Who would have thought the Florida Marlins would be the team of discussion in the NL East with all of the off season moves the Mets made, but at 11 and Deuce (5-1 & 6-1) the Marlins are also the talk of the league. They’re plus 24 in run production, which was their problem of contention last season, and already have opened up a 4.5 game lead in what promises to be a tight division. The question facing the Marlins is will their pitching keep up? On the flip side, who would have thought with all of the momentum of the new Yankee stadium, the arrival of CC and other off season acqisitions, the bombers would be getting would be getting bombarded in their own yard? The lack arm strength is what is ailing the Yanks right now fortuneatly for them the rest of the East hasn’t realized the season has started yet either and .500 ball is enough be in the thick of things, but don’t let the Jays get too far out in front. Manny, Joe, and the kids are quickly turning LA into a baseball town as they have picked up the excitement where they left off last year and have gotten out to a 10-3 record, unbeaten at home, and have the highest run differencial (+42) in the league. The scary thing is that Manny hasn’t really gotten started yet, and if teams keep pitching around him to get the rest of the lineup it may help the Dodger youth grow up that much faster. They look like the most complete team in the Big Leagues right now as their starters are consistently getting into the sixth and seventh innings, while Broxton is a monster closer without missing any save opportunities. When Manny starts being Manny again LA may have more to love.
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