Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny suspended for 50 games just as MLB reaches 30 game mile post

Well……….we were in the midst of writing about the great stories of the year and were going to avoid the drama that was 2008, guess again as one of the biggest names in the league, playing in the second largest city in the country is riddled by scandal. Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers will be suspended for 50 games beginning immediately after testing positive for a women’s s fertility drug commonly used to restore the body after steroid use. More to come as the information is made available.

MLB is off to a great start as it comes to the 30-game milepost mainly because there are other intriguing storylines other than steroids, court cases, and the AL East. Well, the best team record wise in baseball still has an east cost feel as the LA Dodgers (coach Joe Torre is Yankees and Manny from the Red Sox) started the year by setting a Major League Record for consecutive home victories at 13 and lead by 6 games in the NL West.
Another great byline are the KC Royals who sit atop the AL Central, however early, by 2 games but this is the best they’ve looked since the days of Brett, Patek, and McCray. I know it’s too early to start chanting to the Yankees but it gives us another reason to watch the Royals other than their new light blue home digs. Also what about Jr. going back home, playing with Ichiro, and Seattle finally competing for a pennant long overdue for the afore mentioned players. All we need is A-Rod in that mix to complete the picture, well we already mentioned the Yankees once. We also have the defending champs going on a winning streak and shooting to the top of the AL Central and looking like they last a little longer at the top than Lenny Dykstra did. Lastly, how bout the team from the great white north!? No, the Expos don’t play ball any more but the Blue Jays do and very well, .667 to be exact, and lead that division that we’re not talking about by 2 games. Similar to their World Series Run over a decade ago, the Jays are doing it with no-name players, a familiar manager, and a lot of guts. Ok, reality check, when the dust settles in the end it will probably be the usual suspects standing but in the meantime it’s a nice breath of fresh air. Let us know your thoughts here and in the MLB chat rooms and team pages.

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