Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yankees in first for the first time since 06’, Dodgers and Cubs in a rematch of the NLDS

Great story lines in MLB this week as, behind the strength of five scoreless innings from the ‘roidless’ Andy Petitte, beat Cleveland 3-1 (adding to their depression this weekend) and took over first place in the AL wild wild East for the first time since 2006. Yes, for a team that was supposed to be the most dominant of the decade that is not a real impressive stat (please see Atlanta in the 90’s), but one can argue that after all they’ve been through it’s been an impressive way to start the season. In the toughest division in baseball, where there are not many days off, NY is playing almost .600 ball and winners of 7 of their last 10. Of course the season is only 25% over, do they have the staying power to outlast the possibly deeper clubs in the East? Meanwhile the former manager of the afore mentioned Yankees is still enjoying his “honeymoon in Mannywood” even as his leading man is on a honeymoon of his own. The Dodgers are so far in front they may start resting people in June but as we saw last year with NLDS too much rest may not be a good thing. Speaking of the Cubs, LA and Chi Town are locking up for a four game set, splitting the first two. The Dodgers sure could have used Manny’s stick in the first two low scoring games, as they been more manufacturing runs than powering them. Just the same they still lead by 8.5 games in the NL West, posing two questions: Can they hold the lead without Manny and are they as good as their record indicates or the beneficiary of playing in a perpetually weak division? Let us know here and in the MLB chat rooms and team rooms. We also have all information you need for the baseball week:
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