Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boys of summer take center stage, and it’s a great show if you take time to look

Now that the NBA and NHL have crowned their champions, baseball has the stage and when the nation’s eye’s focus they’ll recognize that one of the most competitive years is unfolding. As the newest steroid scandal rocked the baseball world this week, Sammy Sosa’s drug test from 2003 revealed a positive test and another of pillar of the game has toppled. Unfortunately, every time this season has gotten it’s just reward for great games, competitive division races, and excellent play, another negative story cast it’s shadow, and perhaps not without justification, so A-Rod, Manny, and Sosa aside, as the MLB season is a third of the way done, here’s who’s making positive waves.

Firstly, how nice are the defending champs for sitting atop the NL east after the hangover of a world championship wore off. They’ve opened up a little breathing room over the Mets and are beginning to come back to form. If they can manage to start winning a couple of games at home (13-17) the Phills will put the division to bed early. Will they have the stamina to make it all the way back to show?

Make a special note of ‘Big Unit’ reaching a milestone of his own with his 300th win, as you will not see a career like that, start to finish, in your lifetime. In the era of set up men, closers, and 5 man rotations, there simply aren’t enough opportunities to get it. Parlay that with short leash that pitchers have today and you understand how amazing his accomplishment was. What’s even more amazing is that most of his wins came after he was in his 30’s. Where does The Unit rank among top lefties in the history of the game?

This year may go down as the most competitive in history as five of the six division races have less than 2.5 games separating the top two clubs, also the AL East and NL Central with 5 teams within 5 games of each other. Unlike other seasons in the past, you won’t have half of the fans looking to football season for solace come July. There’s still 23 teams with a legitimate shot at waving a pennant come September so it’s way too early to start making reservations. Which of the current division leaders will be able to hang on to win their respective divisions? Let us know what you think here and in the MLB chat rooms and rooms and team rooms.
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