Saturday, June 27, 2009

Interleague continues to intrigue

As the interleague schedule wraps up before the first half of the season they saved some of the best for last as the border wars, subway series, and unfinished business, series continue through the weekend. The marquee matchups this week have to be the Yankee/Mets series but it’s a little tainted as the Metropolitans are going through a tough 4-6 stretch right now, and the most fervent matchup, the “windy city war” between the Cubs/Sox. Both teams are competing for their respective divisions, as the Obama backed ‘South siders’ are coming off a 2 out of 3 against the best team in baseball (Dodgers), and both teams are in 3rd place in their divisions and within striking distance. From the “we owe you one” department you can’t beat the Phillies/Jays matchup as the defending World Champs still think they should have another piece of jewelry in the box from the 93’ series and Mitch Williams still hasn’t come back for a cheesesteak. However the best “baseball” matchup was last week as the only matchup of division leaders took place when the Dodgers match up with Angeles in the I-5 series. The Dodgers kept their best record in tact (but the sox are close) in taking 2 of 3. Which of the interleague series most interest you? Which one would you like to see? Let us know here and in the MLB team rooms and chat rooms.

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