Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jungmann tames the Tiger bats, as the Horns force a final game

The Tigers played right into Texas’ horns in game two by only pushing one run across the plate during a 5-1 loss in game two of the College World Series. Texas who normally lives by paying 'smallball', as they led the NCAA with over 100 sacrifices during the course of the season, got a complete game from Jungmann who scattered five hits and allowed just one notch in the ‘S’ column. The fabled LSU sticks, known for putting up big numbers were silenced for the first time in the tournament while not lighting up the board past the 3rd inning. No one has been able to keep those bats silenced for two games in the row and I can‘t see it happening in game three despite the pressure. One could argue that Texas should have this thing wrapped up by now as they held a two run lead late in game one but now it becomes a 1-game series and the Horns have the Mo’, but I still like the Tigers to come back strong and take the prize. Who do you like in game 3? Let us know here and in the College World Series Chat room.

Hard to believe, but the All-Star game is around the corner and another 20-games have passed so the updated Smacchat Power Rankings are out and the Dodgers and Sox are still running 1 & 2. Check out the rankings here.

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