Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dodgers and Cards. An NLCS preview? The defending champs might have something to say about that

In a preview of what should be the NLCS the Cards show that the addition of Holliday may be the missing piece to put them over the top and exposing the Dodgers weak leak in the process. For the first time the season LA has lost three games in a row, the last team in Major League Baseball to do so. LA dropped 2 of 3 to the Marlins and has been beotch slapped in the first three games of their series with the Cards. Although the third game was a 15 inning classic that if it was played in October would go down as one of the best ever played. The series itself has shown why these are the best two teams in the NL and should be the last two standing with stars delivering in the clutch, good starting pitching, and amazing defense. One area that might come back to bite LA is their relief staff. The brightest spot on their staff has been Jonathan Broxton who had converted on all but two of his save opportunities going into the St. Louis series but couldn’t close a 1-run lead, as the Cards tied it in the bottom of the 9th and eventually won in 15. The Dodger starters have consistently got into the 6th or 7th inning but after that the wheels come off the wagon and come playoff time, with the spotlight on, that weakness will be exposed. The Dodgers have five players in their lineup that have driven in over 50 RBIs this season, with Philly being the only other team that can make that claim, but they do leave a plethora of runners on base. The Cards addition of Holliday solidifies their lineup and gives them a ‘murders row’ middle lineup. Holliday has hit in seven straight games since coming over and has sparked a string of clutch hitting making the Cards the favorite of many despite LA having the best record in baseball. What stands out is the outright OWNERSHIP of the Dodgers by the Cards (8-2 last 10 going back to 08’). I know, don’t leave Philly out of that equation but right now this series has been incredible to watch and if this is prologue to what might be coming in Fall, then pass the beer nuts and enjoy.
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gibbyrocks said...

Epic game by friends. Love the sand in this team. Hawksworth was nails in relief-- perhaps he deserves a shot at a few starts. At one time, he was highly regarded. The Force gets the game winner. I'm hoping Lohse can continue the strong starts in this series. Go Cards.

phonso said...


tball905 said...

GO Cards!!!!!!!!! I hope Lohse can go more than 5 innings and give us some chance of being in this game. He needs better control during favorable pitch counts and then needs to get those guys out:) Walks kill Lohse, so if he can keep multiple runners off the bases at a time, he could do well. Go Cards.......a sweep would be nice, but I don't know how likely that is.

cardsfan90 said...

Yesterday's game was nothing short of outstanding. Got to give it both clubs. They played with heart and intensity through all 15 innings. It's sad you can't see games like that all the time. Getting to this game. Lohse only allowed 3 ER's against the Phillies. That's not to bad, but he definitely isn't on the level of Carp, WW or Pineiro just yet. I think he can get better as the season wears on and will become a good enough pitcher that it's not always a loss when he's on the mound but it's not always a win either. Hopefully he can have a good solid game today and our offense can break out like it did the first 2 games against Kuroda. It would be great to have a sweep against a great team like the Dodgers, but taking 3 out of 4 is just as good. Looking for another great game to cap off a great series against two great teams. Go Cards!!!

jayeteee said...

Last nights game was, I hate to use the cliche', nothing short of a heavyweight fight. Especially once it got to the 9th. For every punch the Dodgers threw at us, we had an answer, but sometimes not 'til the very last possible moment. Anyway, great game. I thought it might never end. I was hoping for 3 out of 4 when this series started, so I've already got that. Now I'm pushing for the sweep. Judging by their(P's) ERA's and records, todays game should be another competitive battle. Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Get the sweep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

NYY Carl said...

The Dodgers are posers and going to be exposed for the fraud that they are come playoff time. Any time they play a decent team from the East or Central they lose. The only reason they have the best record is because they play in a AAA division.

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