Sunday, July 5, 2009

Major League Baseball reaches Mid-Season

Half way through the marathon that is a major league season the division races have only gotten closer since the last ‘mile post’ as for the first time since the inception of the new format, five of the six divisions three teams within three games of the lead. Most of the clubs have had an opportunity to get healthy, train up or train out the young talent, and solidify roster positions, but trying to make sense of who’s really good and who won’t be around when the leaves turn brown is another story. Here how the divisions are shaping up at halftime

Predicted to finish somewhere in the pack the Tigers didn’t get the memo on their insignificance and continue to lead the Central at the midway point of the season. Ok, it’s not enough room to cover getting swept in a series but who is consistent enough to step up and take if from them in the second half?

The heavyweights are still going toe-to-toe and it looks like this one is going to go the distance. Unfortunately, this was supposed to be more of a steel cage match with at at least three participants but the defending AL Champions have begun to lose sight of the leaders. It made for the story of the year last year but we’re questioning if the Rays have any staying power.

The Angels have managed to weather the storm of injuries and lack of pop from Vlade’s bat to hold on to a tie for the lead in the AL West but this race is far from over. After getting out to a red hot start the Mariners cooled off but a revived Jr. and inhuman consistency from Ichiro have put them back in the mix and with a lot of mojo. Look out for the M’s in the second half of the season.

The closest division in baseball top to bottom where even the Pirates are still within striking distance. If .531 is good enough to lead then as these teams beat each other there will be plenty jockeying for position in the second half of the season.

Philly still can’t seem to win at home but it doesn’t seem to matter as they still have the best record in baseball on the road. The Marlins are playing their best baseball since the first week of the season, but the Braves who were supposed to be in the midst of a two year rebuilding process might be ahead of schedule.

LA continues to hold the best record in baseball and is trying to go wire to wire but have slowed down from the feverish pace they set in the early season (.680) and the Giants now look like they may be poised to make them work a little come second half of the season.

Who has been the biggest surprise of the first half of the season and who will be around at the end? Let us know here and in the MLB chat rooms and team rooms.

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