Friday, July 17, 2009

Smacchat Teams to watch in the second half of the season

New York Yankees – For an “Empire” they sure have been quietly going about their business, playing .580 ball (which would be good for first place in every division but one), the lineup is still stacked from top to bottom, with a batting average that is 2nd best in baseball. Pitching wise, core starters Burnett, CC, and Joba are all coming off good months. If they can keep the mo’ going the Sox will have to continue their torrid pace just to hold them off which won’t be easy. Look of the Yanks to take the reigns of the AL East by the end of August and win a tight race to the tape because they know if they go in as the wild card they’ll draw the Angels who seem to have Luke Skywalker managing them when it comes to NY.

San Francisco Giants – If the adage holds true and the ‘good pitching will stop good hitting’ then the Giants are a team that no one will want to play. Second only to Philly as the hottest team in the NL over the last 20 games, the Giants nucleus, of “Board Walk & Park Place” starters Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, both 10-2 on the year, will be a problem for any team in a seven-game series regardless of who they play. The SF team ERA 3.51 is the best in baseball but their hitting is where they need to improve. Could you imagine if they had a certain someone in the lineup that just happens to be greatest home run hitter in the history of the game? Look for them to get in as the Wild Card winner and set up a heated NLDS with their hated rivals from So Cal who should hold the best record in the NL. Who do you think will be the surprise of the second half? Let us know here and in the Chat rooms and team pages.
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Philadelphia Phillies – I know how do you pick the defending champs as a “team to watch”?? Well, firstly they come into (and out of) the All-Star break the hottest team in baseball and they still are only playing .500 ball at home, in itself is a big improvement. Moreover, they are likely to make a move prior to the trade deadline, possibly for Halladay which instantly would make the favs to get back to the show. Even without the Halladay move the Phills look like a comer as the bats are finally starting to come around hitting just .261 there is plenty of room for growth, and if they can keep the consistency, they’ll be around come October.

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