Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are the Dodgers and Angels headed for a freeway series?

The Dodgers have the best record in the NL, the Angels have the best record in the AL, they both reside in the City of Angels and are separated by less than an hour(depending on traffic), and a stretch on the 5 freeway. Is this gong to be the geographical layout for the World Series come October? Many people west of the Mississippi think so and why not, there hasn’t been more consistent baseball this year than they’ve been playing in LA. The Dodgers rank 2nd in batting average, have five players with over 50 RBIs, the highest run differential, and are second in pitching. Meanwhile the Angels have the highest batting average in the league, are the hottest team in baseball, and now posses the best record. So do you make the reservations to spend your fall in the So. Cal sun? Well there’s a few people in the Tri-State area and in the city of brotherly love that think differently. Why, well one could argue that the Dodgers have gotten fat on the weakest division in baseball and that recent series defeats against the Cards and Marlins was a harbinger on how they will do in the NLCS, and although the Phills have cooled off a little they are still the top team in the league. Despite the fact that the Angels own the team in pinstripes, no one from the Bronx believes when the money is on the table that Yankee experience won’t prevail. Lastly, there is the team with the most rings in this decade that resides in Beantown. The Sox are only a half game out and have made it to the show as the wildcard before. In short, the teams from tinsel town do look good but don’t book those plane tickets just yet. Who do you think will be left standing come October? Let us know here and in the MLB chat rooms and team rooms.
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