Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wild Cards and home field is the only thing left to be decided

With all of the tight races early in the season we had every reason to believe that this year was going to be one of the best ever as we came down the stretch. Unfortunately, all of the divisions did a complete 180 as the only division that was all but sealed after the all-star break (the NL West) turned out to be the only close race with LA finally getting some space with 20 games to go. The other pennant races have long since ended. We know the Series will be hosted by the AL again, but getting there may still be a topic of discussion as the road my take many paths. In the AL buy your subway tokens now because it’s gotta go through Manhattan as the Angels are too far back to catch the Bomers but solidly with the second best record. As dominant as they have been this year the Yankees would gladly like to see someone else knock LA off as the Angels have owned NY in recent playoff years. In the NL the Dodgers lost their grip on the best record in baseball a long time ago but have managed to hang on to the best in the NL. Having to fight off the Rockies as actually helped the quest to hold off the Cards simultaneously. Trust me, know one wants anything to do with the Cards pitching staff in a 7-game series, ad the only thing worse is attempting to do it on the road. However, the price for having the best record will dealing with the pesky wild card teams. The reason why so many Wild Card teams have advanced to the World Series as they tend to be playing the best baseball of the season at the right time (ie; 2008 Rockies) and this year will be no duck walk as the Rockies and the Red Sox should be the teams last on the boat and neither LA or NY want to see them in their respective parks. View the current Wild Card Standings Here. Are the teams with the best records headed to the World Series? Does home field make any difference in baseball? Who do you like to advance to show? Let us know where and in all of the quick links:
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