Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unlike other sports home filed doesn’t seem to matter in baseball

Firstly, if things got started today here's how the matchups would look like:

American League
Detroit at NY Yankees (Yankees Lead Series 5-1)
Red Sox at LA Angels (Angels lead Series 5-4)

National League
Cardinals at Dodgers (Cards lead Series 5-2)
Rockies at Phillies (Phillies lead series 4-2)

Down the stretch of this year’s MLB season one thing has become incredibly evident, that the division leaders in the NL don’t seem to be any hurry to wrap up their respective division or secure a home field advantage in the upcoming DS/CS, especially in the National League. The Cardinals and Dodgers have both gone 4-6 their last 10, where mere percentage points separate the three division leaders LA, Philly, and STL. The Dodgers STILL haven’t even wrapped up the division as they’ve had a magic number for what seems like half the season, and they’ve failed to nail it down in five consecutive tries and now they’ve opened the door for the Rockies to come into their house and take it from them with a sweep. Perhaps it’s an “LA thang” and they’re taking their cues from the Lakers who were not fond of putting teams away either en route to a championship. Not sure what Joe’s is saying to them in the clubhouse but it’s not motivational. The Cards have an opportunity to host a home series AND dictate when it begins to benefit an very potent pitching staff but also can’t get out of their own way with only a 3 game set with the non-contending Brewers to deal with. Which brings us to Philly, who is percentage points behind LA for the best record, but you wouldn’t know it by their .500 performance of the their last 10 games. They get the ‘Stros for one then the Marlins for 3 at home to finish but then again, with the worst home record of all remaining playoff teams maybe they know something we don’t. Who is in the best position to advance past the Divisional Series? Let us know here or any of the other quick links:

Major League Baseball Schedule

Major League Baseball Scoreboard

Major League Baseball Betting Lines

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