Friday, October 30, 2009

Yankees get the performance they need from AJ, now must avoid road sweep

AJ Burnett pitched his best game of the post season in game 2 as the Yankees evened the series with the Phillies at a game a piece. Burnet previously had a 4.57 ERA against the Phillies going into game 2 but shaved that significantly, allowing just one run seven innings of work. Now if the Empire can avoid a three-game sweep by Philadelphia at home they’ll get an opportunity to win it at home. One positive is that Philly will have to beat CC again if they hope to make good on Rollin’s prediction and avoid going back to Yankee Stadium, however the key bat in game 2 was Hideki Matsui (DH) who as a DH, will not be in the starting line-up for all three games in Philly, but will be a stick in waiting for DH purposes. Interleague didn’t make much a difference this year to the Yankees so they added strategy of deciding weather to pull a pitcher for an opportunity to score more runs is one they have managed well. How Godzilla will perform sitting on ice for perhaps 7 innings is another question. Everyone knows Philly had the worst home record of any of the playoff teams but is 4-1 in the postseason with the only loss coming at the hands of Rockies in a tough 1-run game. They obviously have proven they can run off consecutive wins as illustrated by a sweep of the Dodgers who had the best record in the NL this season. Of course, repeating the feat against the club with the best record in the AL, is a different task all together. However if they can pull it off there’s rings waiting for them at the other end of it. Can the Phills sweep away the Evil Empire? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.
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