Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yankees receive big return on investment

It wasn’t so clear at the beginning of the season but then they caught their stride, ended up with the best record in baseball, and by the time the playoffs rolled around we’re the consensus favorite. Now all the haters are lining up to take shots at the Yankees because of their payroll, the steroid confessions, killer bees in South America, etc. The truth is, even if you’re not a New York fan, you have to admire ownership that is willing to do what it takes to put a winner of the field. Say what you will about the payroll, but the Yankee franchise has a very high bar to reach and you’re a fan of one of those teams that hasn’t made the playoffs in a millennium then perhaps you should hope they follow the example the Yankees have set. First they literally went out and got the best money could by to put a winner on the field despite the luxury tax. Then they built the best stadium possible for that team to play in and their fans to watch them, lastly they play the game in an “all or nothing” style which is the way it was meant to be played. Over the past years, people loved to laugh at the Yankees as the afore mentioned efforts didn’t bring any rings, and convinced themselves that the formula didn’t work. Now, you only the grumbles and complaints that the small markets can’t compete with the wealth of the big ones and how it’s ruined the game. Unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways now that the returns are finally coming in on the Yankee investments. The bottom line is they have consistently done things that successful franchises do to stay on top and if you bleed for your club the way real fans do, then you would hope they would adhere to the example and make your club the team that everyone’s talking for months after season’s end. What do you think of the Yankee blueprint? Let us know here and in any of the quick links:
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Will Girardi’s pitching gamble come back to haunt the Yankees?

The Yankees would love to have some of the rain from games 1 and 2 come back now as it would give Joe Girardi a reprieve if they can’t take one of the last two games at home to close out the World Series. Joe gambled by attempting to get through with a 3-man rotation and now in games 6 and 7 he’ll need Pettitte and CC to go on only 3 days rest. AP has typically not done well on short rest and 30-something will need to be at his best as Philly is riding the Mo’ after a strong game 5. I tell ya, if the Yanks don’t get it done tonight it’s not such a given with CC in game 7 as Philly will be able to get a couple of, if not a few, relief innings from Lee and Joba “the hut” has not been lights out in his WS appearances and NY may not be able to get to super Mariano. What do you think, can the Phillies sweep a pair from the Yankees and take a title in the process?

Philly left World Series hopes out on the Lidge

Tied at 4 with 2-out, no one on, and an 0-2, the Phillies were one strike away from getting the opportunity to even the series with a run in the ninth. Instead their closer Brad Lidge served up a 3-run two-out rally to all but end Philadelphia’s hopes for a repeat. Prior to that the failings of Lidge during the regular season had all been forgotten as in his previous 4 innings of work he had allowed just 1 hit and no runs. However, these are the Yankees, and with the ‘stick’ the boomers have throughout the lineup you’ve gotta finish strong and once Lidge let Damon off the hook with a 2 strike base knock, the roof just caved in. Was this the Iceman from last year’s playoffs or some a character from the film “surrogates”? Either way, the Phills must now turn the same trick they did on LA, by taking 3 straight. However, unlike their previous series, two of those games will be on the road. So now comes all of the second guessing, should Charlie Manuel have started Lee in game 4 and the answer is no. Joe Blanton did all that he could and left Philly in the as good of a position as you could ask from a starter, aside from having the lead, going against a lineup like he did, down 1 after 7 where a walk, stolen base, and base knock and you’re even, or better yet, a bloop and a blast and you’re tied 2 games each. So he did HIS job, even the relief kept them where they needed to be, had only the titular closer done his they’d be talking about how great of a position the Phillies with Lee on the bump in game 5, and a chance to go back to the Bronx up 3-2 needing only one win to uncork. What should be more widely discussed is how the defensive error that allowed Damon to take third ended up being the most important play of the series thus far. As it took the slider out of the Lidge arsenal and steered him into serving up some cheese to A-Rod which he promptly deposited into the gap for what proved to be the winning run. What was the turning point in game 4? Do you think the Phillies have a chance of coming back and making it a series? Let us know here and in any of the quick links:
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