Friday, May 21, 2010

Who will pass the interleague litmus test ?

With a quarter of the year over it’s not too much of a stretch to state that the Rays, Reds, and even the Nats will be in the mix when things get decided, and one can argue that you may have two division winners in that mix. Unfortunately the Rays are the only team that’s getting any love from that group as the others are written off because of the strength on their division and this is exactly what makes interleague play so great. Set up as way to both bolster attendance and matchup teams that will never get an opportunity to face each other, also has an application for being the equivalent of sodium pentothal in regards to exposing the quality of each division/league for what it really is. Since the inception of interleague play the AL holds a slight edge in winning percentage at .522 with the best team being the Yankees at .583, so not quite as dominant as you would think at first glance, however the overwhelming trend is that the AL has won the battle for six years running. This year in addition to the Subway, I-5, Bay Bridge, and other city rivalries, we get to see the classics like the Dodgers/Yankees and the second round matchups are better than the first at least on paper, but then again that’s exactly my point. If the last place Astros could win the series with the afore mentioned A’s or conversely, if the Indians can win the battle of Ohio with the surprising Reds that will certainly shed some light on which really are the power divisions and who is the benefactor of playing weak teams 50% of their schedule. The series I most want to see are the 2 vs. 3’s like LA/Detroit, NY/NY, Cards/Angels, and A’s Giants, where there’s no clear cut favorite, all should be close, and if there some city fervor or history behind it, then it adds more flavor to the mix. This is like a playoff weekend that makes be want to spend all day in the sports bar/book, as even the out-of-market games will certainly hold my interest simply because of the history of the clubs or games in recent years. I was bitter when the schedule came out in 08 that I would have to wait two more years for to see a rematch of the 78’ series but these will do just fine to hold me off until June. Which interleague matchup do you most want to see, and which one is the most significant? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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