Monday, June 28, 2010

Division Leaders change prior to the break

AL - Central
The Twins are hanging on but facing a vicious surge from the Sox and Tigers. Chicago’s 11 game winning streak has put them in the thick of things and may have saved Ozzie’s job. I’m not sure how the Tigers are doing it but they’re only a half game back despite going 5-5 their last 10 and with a paltry run differential of 4.
AL - East
Wow did this turn around in a hurry! Just when we all were all aboard the Rays Express to the post season the ol’ guard has answered with vigor and have taken control of the division. Interleague play was exactly what the doctor ordered for the Yankees and Sox as they both have looked impressive over their last 10.
AL - West
The Rangers refuse to come back down to Earth and the Angles have fallen even further behind despite playing .700 ball of their own but will get an opportunity to make up some ground when the Rangers come to town this week. The Rangers are in the top three in 3 of 4 offensive categories and second only to the Empire in run differential.
NL - Central
This has been a two horse race all season but now the stakes have gone up as the Metropolitans have caught fire in the NL East and now hold the wild card spot. .550 is the best ball we’ve seen out of Cincy in years so one has to wonder if they can keep the pace in the second half. Meanwhile it’s business as usual for the Cards but have been knocked off the top perch for a while and it will be interesting to see how long it takes them to get back.
NL - East
The Mets are finally getting healthy and it’s starting to show as they are knocking on the door of the Braves who have held the division lead for most of the season. The Brave’s offense, or lack there of, is starting to catch up with them as they are in the top 10 in only one major category (RBIs) and they’re 9th in that. The Nats, Marlins, and Phils are their next three series before the showdown with NY just before the All-Star break.
NL – West
Ouch. LA has taken a serious tumble and fallen off the ‘can o’ whippin’ tree and hit every branch on the way down, going 2-8 over their last 10 and find themselves in the deep water 5 games out. It’s time we all start giving some respect to the Padres as they have stood atop longer than any of the other sleepers early in the season (ie; Rays, Nats, Reds), and they seem to be doing it without any offense. Never in the history of the leage has a team held the division lead going into the break while being in the bottom quintile in all offensive categories, but San Diego will be the first to do so (24th in ¾ and 26th in the other), with a 4.5 game lead and just about two weeks before the break.

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