Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No one can say they saw this coming

In case you haven’t noticed, the Memorial Day weekend just past so any team sitting on top of their division 52 games into the season has some fortitude to them, and over the course of a week I’ve gone back and reviewed the pre-season predictions of all the sports pundits from the online, magazine, and newspaper universe and the best anyone is sitting right now is one out of six (Tampa Bay or Minnesota as a division leader) as we approach the All-Star break. However, you can’t really blame them as no one had clubs like Cincinnati, Texas, and San Diego, in the top tree of their division, and Atlanta was left for dead as their average age approaches 50. Grant it, this could all turn around in a hurry, for example the Padres have held first place in May in each of the last two years only to fade as the weather heats up, and some of the place horses are the derby favorites (ie; Yanks, Cards, Dodgers, and Phillies) but that is what makes the game great because in all probability the sure fact that five of the division leaders are new faces at this time of season means we should see some new blood in the mix come pennant race time. Of the afore mentioned leaders the Padres (7-3 last 10) and Braves (8 straight wins) are the hottest but both will be tested as the Braves have a 4 game set on the road against a hot LA Dodger team that was the hottest team in the NL during the month of May going 20-8, and the Padres go on a torrid 7-game trip to Philly and NYMets before returning home to start interleague play. So the experts still may have a chance to save face before the break as next week that number could easily be down to 3 out of six, but don’t quote me. Who do you think is the biggest surprise in baseball this year so far? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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