Friday, August 20, 2010

At the end of the day it was arrogance that got the Rocket into (more) trouble

We often used to talk about how amazing it was that Shaq and Kobe couldn’t find a way to get along because they had the potential to surpass the number of championships that “Jordan Bulls” were able to string together, and possibly do it consecutively, but someone did make a good point that we’re looking at this like rational people, business people, normal people who would say “ok, Shaq you got a 6’8 guy guarding you so it’s your night tonight, and the next night Kobe may have a weak defender guarding him so then it’s his turn to drop 30 etc.(remember the 04 series loss to Detroit??) That kind of arrangement could have lasted for years and the league would have had to find a way to deal with them. But perhaps it’s that same “I’m the man” mentality that makes world class athletes what they are, which is not normal, and that’s why only a select few on the planet can do what they do at their level. Unfortunately that is the same mindset that will probably land Roger Clemens in jail, at least for a short while. Now that the federal incitements have been handed down, it seems commonplace to revert back and see how the Rocket got into this mess, and at the end of the day it seems to be his own bully mentality that made him so intimidating on the mound that worked against him in formal setting. Already deposed, and with no admission of steroids, congress was not requesting any further information from him, at least at the time , so he was in the clear and his opponent was down. But rather than walk away he insisted on pounding him into submission by electing to testify UNDER OATH in front of Congress and the Nation, in retrospect to accomplish nothing more than to discredit his former trainer who claimed he injected Clemens, and to cast doubt on the previously released commission reports. He wasn’t even planning on pitching again, and others had come clean and months later are back on the field, in all-star games, and getting endorsements, a little more than a slap on the wrist. Unless something dramatically changes, this could be one of the saddest outcomes of the steroid era, as one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the game won’t be remembered for his exploits on the diamond but off, and worst of all, he was going to the hall based on his numbers BEFORE he took the juice. He would have been the one that opened the door to the Hall for other known abusers because he would have been judged based on his body of work before the alleged infraction which would have changed the view of everyone else in the era, but now he’s lumped in with the Blacksox and Rose who may never get in. So, as a fan of the Rocket and the game a little advice….for once, realize that this is not a situation where you can intimidate or overpower your opponent, and perhaps for the first time in your life, you are the WEAKER combatant. So stand down, take the plea, pay the fine, do community service, and put this behind you so you can get on with restoring yourself to your rightful position among the all-time greats, because before he may have had a problem, what you don’t need now is trouble as well.
Have your thoughts on Roger Clemens changed? Is he being singled out?

Baseball’s finest take the bump for a rare Summer showcase
Regardless of weather it’s a four or five man rotation, the odds of multiple aces starting on the same afternoon is in the millions, so perhaps we should all go down to the local “gas n’ sip” and buy a lotto ticket. As the division races begin to fade this is exactly the type of day MLB could use for a great TV Saturday and it goes on all day from start to finish, just look at some of these names:
In an early game you got Texas’ newly acquired ace Cliff Lee going against Baltimore, as the Rangers try to move up and avoid a first round matchup with the best In the AL come playoff time.Later on it’s the phenom Stephen Stausberg going into the lion’s den to take on the Phillies who are on a serious roll and who need a win to keep in the wild card hunt.For the Sox Daisuke Matsuzaka takes the hill with an improved winning percentage of .670 as Boston host the Jays in a AL East matchup. The marquis pitching duel today has to be Lincecum vs. Carpenter as the Giants take on the Cards with the teams running 1 and 2 in the Wild Card Standings. To close an amazing day Ray’s ace David Price goes to NoCal to face the A’s as Tampa needs a win to keep pace with the Yankees, who are a game up on them.
So I hope you cleared the day, got the brew already chilled, because the weather should be warm enough to sit outside all day and drink in the best of the MLB as we head into the home stretch of the pennant race. Which pitching matchup are you most interested in? let us know here and in the live in-game chat rooms on the main site.

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