Sunday, August 29, 2010

Manny’s stock price continues to defy gravity despite being inactive

For someone who has two hits in 53 games Manny’s stock could never be higher. When the rumor mill first posted that Manny may be on the open market there were several teams interested in retaining his services, most of which are contenders. The front runner who actually claimed the Rasta Monsta off waivers are the White Sox who could certainly use his stick as they are 4.5 games out of the AL Central and have only scored more than 5 runs twice in their last seven games. They looking to add Manny as a DH as they are need for some power, particularly from the right side of the plate. Adding insult to injury their former DH Jim Thome is getting’ his stick on for the team the Sox are trying to catch, the Twins. But can Manny make the mental transition from the lax atmosphere of LA, even though they are equally in the hunt (5 games out of a playoff spot) to the intense media scrutiny of Chicago? Speaking of the Dodgers, and not to bury the lead, but all of this talk may be for not as they in the position to take a series from the Rockies with a win tomorrow possibly getting them within 4.5 games of the Wild Card and have a 3 game series with the team sitting on top of that table, the Phillies. Although a sweep is somewhat out of the question, if they can win the series then they will be in striking distance and don’t expect to see Ramirez in pinstripes any time soon. Perhaps the club with the brightest immediate future, interested in the Mannysweepstakes are the Rays who will either go in as the AL East champ(w/home field) or as the AL Wild Card, in either case MR’s impact would be immediately felt and welcome, and could you just imagine Manny in the new Yankee Stadium, in October, with a chance to knock New York out of the playoffs!!?? In any of the scenarios it appears the remaining 4.8 million will be more that palatable price. Where do you think Manny’s impact will be the most impactful?

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