Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wild Card drawing attention from division races, and that’s a good thing

As we commence the final days of summer, four of the six division races are still undecided and within one series, so no team is assured a post season position. That is except for the bride’s maid in the AL East, and the reason why is the Wild Card. Now I understand the purist point of view that if you’re not the best team in your division then how can you be the best team in baseball? Well, one could argue that perhaps the best two clubs in the league unfortunately reside in the same division, and are tied for the best record in baseball. So what if it comes down to the final series of the year and the Yankees have to beat their rival/nemesis Boston, who would love nothing more than to ruin the Yankees shot at a division and are at home. Meanwhile the Rays are playing the last place Royals who have called up half of the Cactus League for a tryout on the dime of MLB. Doesn’t quite seem fair does it? If the records are any indication and the Yanks and Rays are the best two teams in baseball then they should be able to slug it out in a 7-game series and not have anyone else handling their business. The Card also addresses the parity argument as in the case of the NL where there are 5 70-win teams battling for four spots, and a sixth team with 68 wins and a storied history. Once again, let’s settle this on the field by getting the best 4 teams from all divisions in the playoffs rotation and have the winner emerge. I simply don’t buy the counter argument that it takes away from winning the division, as despite a commanding 5.5 game lead neither the Rays or Yanks appear to be sitting starters or gearing up for the post season, and both want to take the flag. So take it for what it is, simply a way of making sure that the best clubs in the league are all on the field at the end of the year, and no who is waiting for next year can raise any BCS style arguments about not having the opportunity. What do you think of the wild card?

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