Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are the thoroughbreds fading down the stretch?

If you read our previous blogs you’ve noticed that most of the focus had shifted to the Wild Card races, and we’re not the only ones, but over the course of ten days the frame of the playoff snapshot has widened dramatically and there are a lot more features involved now. The NL West that we had all but given to the Padres, who must have been reading too many blogs like ours, as after going on one last vacation before the Summer ended (losing 8 in a row) are now a dog fight with the Giants who now find themselves only 3 games back. Moreover the schedule defiantly favors San Francisco who has only 46 games left with teams over .500 and those four are with the floundering Padres, and 2 with the fourth place Dodgers. Meanwhile the Padres have the Cards and Reds for three games each in addition to the four game set with the Giants. I knew it, just when we got on the wagon and even apologized San Diego would revert back to their old ways. Well, if they choke this lead away, it will be one they will remember for another quarter century. Joining the Padres in the land of watercolors, are the Atlanta Braves who picked a bad time to go 5-5 as the Phillies are up to their old tricks of coming on strong at the tape and now have closed to within one game of the Braves and host them for 3 games later in September. Atlanta may have been caught looking ahead to that series and have not really taken care of business against the soft stretch with the Mets and Marlins, but can still even up the roadie as nothing helps get you healthy like a trip to Pittsburgh. Despite the slide the Braves do have a couple of things going their way as they have 16 games remaining with the cellar dwellers (Pirates, Nats, Mets, Marlins) and secondly, if they do find a way to lose the East, the second place finisher will still have plenty of breathing room to hold on to the wild card. On the flip side of the coin, is the Evil Empire who, much like the Phillies always seem to peak around time the season is about to change. After trading blows with the Rays for most of the year a seven game win streak has afforded them a little breathing room however small at a game and a half. These two have consistently been the best two clubs in baseball for the entire season as they battle for best record down to the final month of the season. We will not even begin to speculate where this is going to end up and the two teams still have seven huge games left with each other before seasons’ end. As a fan of the game I just hope they don’t burn out before they get a chance to meet and decide the ALCS.

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