Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final summations being made in last week of the season, now let the deliberation begin

Regardless of what time it is in New York it feels more like high noon as the Rays and Yankees have begun their four-game showdown to decide the AL East. Although it’s not an elimination bout as the loser will hold the AL wild card spot, however it could mean home field throughout now that the Twins have clinched and may rest some starters. What it will also do is send a late message to the loser that when the games mean something they have ownership. The big question coming in, and we’ve commented on it here, has been the Yankee pitching since losing Andy Pettitte which hasn’t faltered as much as one would have thought. In fact, it’s the Rays who can’t seem to find the starter that can make fill in the gap in a seven game series. If we’re talking about building a mental edge if the Yankees feel like once they get into the Tampa Bay pen then they have a decided advantage then look them to extend the pitch count and grind these games out. Going into the series the Rays have the slight 8-7 lead but if either team wins this series they’ll also get the season series, home field, possibly best record, and most important the mental edge.
As if the NL picture could be any more unclear it’s pointless to comment on who is in the lead either the NL West or the Wildcard because it changes from hour to hour, and that is what is making this the best season for those involved as any in the past decade. We’ve gone on record picking the Giants and are sticking to it, but we think it will be a winner take all in the NL West unlike the AL where the bride’s maid gets the final playoff spot in the NL, we still think “COLDLanta” (5-5 their last 10 pu two losses to Philly have a lot to do with that) will finish the last week of the season strong as they get the Nats and Marlins to finish up. The Padres on the other hand still have a 3 game set with Reds which almost will certainly take one, maybe two of those games opening the window for the Giants to extend the lead. The GMen have their equivalent to the AL East showdown as they travel to Colorado for a three game set over the final weekend, but look like they will avoid Jimenez during the set. Lastly, the Rockies look like they may have waited too late to make their run and are beginning to cool down. 6-4 their last ten, it will take an unbelieveable home stand to finish the season for them to punch their ticket. The 3-game set with the Giants and then LA comes to mountains for 4 games who always seems to play them tough. At the end of the day three games back with a week to play is too much to ask of them despite their late season heroics in recent years.

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