Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Head-to-Head matchups help clear up the picture

There may only be one page left on the schedule but there is plenty of baseball left to be played and much to be decided. Because of the way the teams are intertwined almost every series has significance and that’s what the addition of the wild card was supposed to do. You gotta’ love the NL situation with all of its scenarios but mainly how they’ve saved their best for last. The Rockies, in typical late season fashion, have won 8 of their last 10 but the crushing one run loss to the Priest by hitting into a double header I think will be the end of their playoff run. The Giants also dropped a heart breaker to the their hated rivals from the City of Angels(and had a 1-hitter!), and now find themselves 1.5 out, unfortunately I can’t see them making the post season either as they would have to rely on other clubs taking care of their business for them with no games remaining with either SD or Philly. From there you can just play the percentages, where they’ll need a team playing .569 ball to drop two consecutive series while they win two. I have it at just over 24% so I expect both teams from NoCal to be home just after school starts. The Braves just can’t seem to get it done against bad teams and will lead to their demise as Philly will take the East (please see the previous math) barring a sweep by Atlanta beginning on the 20th. While the Phillies are finally healthy enough to make yet another run and the brass ring. The AL has long since been decided with only a few loose ends with regards to seeding as the Yankees and Rays continue to switch places, but that division won’t be decided until the end of the Rays/Yanks total seven game September. An even more interesting divisional race was just decided as the Twins have slammed the door of opportunity on the White Sox as the ‘South Siders’ needed to get a sweep in their head-to-head to even have a shot at winning the division with the game 1 loss they’re 7 games back, got a fat (no PH) contract w/Manny and lots of questions going into next season. Although the WC picture may be cloudy, one thing is clear, regardless of who gets that final spot on the train, there will be no guarantees of advancement up the ladder and expect some upsets en route to the Fall Classic. Who do you think will emerge as the Wild Card in the NL and AL?

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