Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is the way it otta’ be

Now this is Baseball. Second week in September, the start of the fall season, and divisional races that come down to the last series of a marathon 162 game season, oh yea, to top it off how about two rivalries to decide it all. Although the Sox are not the other team in the mix in AL East they have a chance to make a huge difference if they can take one or two games from the boomers in their final 3-game set at the end of the season. Cross country you have a similar situation where it’s not LA/SF but the next best thing as No Cal meets So Cal in a three game head-to-head series that will decide the division winner and could decide the wild card as well. This is exactly what they had in mind when the put the wild card in what feels like years ago. It would be a shame for the Rays or Yankees to be watching from home when they possess the second best record in baseball. The presence of the wild card in the NL gives four other teams (2 series) added significance when the games would be meaningless. While all of this chaos continues the Phillies, Rangers, and Twins have already punched their tickets and look for the Reds to do so tonight, so hopefully they won’t cool off by the time the second season begins. Despite seedings or how you finish in the regular season, if you just have 3 starters that bring their stuff to a 7-game series you’ve got a good chance of moving on, and that’s what makes clubs like the Giants, Phillies, and Yankees so dangerous. The Giants could be the last team to get into the playoffs but they’re the last team you’d want to see this time of year. So we think the Rays will come out of the East and do the equivalent of cutting down the nets this week (in front of 835 screaming fans) dropping the Yankees to the WC and sending them on the road. Forcing NY to take a game on the road makes a serious difference to the team tied for the best home record in MLB. However don’t be so quick to crown the winner of the East the spoils of the AL just yet as the Twins are right there, getting no respect, but are only a game back for best record. In the NL the difference maker will be that the Giants are at home and will be the deciding factor as they take the series and the division from SD. Unfortunately for the loser of this series the Braves have a favorable matchup with the Marlins and will be occupying the wild card so this 3-game series will be for all the marbles, but then again that’s what we wanted to see. Now if only the BCS could be taking notes. Who do you think will advance from the 1st round?
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