Thursday, September 2, 2010

You know what your’re getting with Many so buyer beware

Last year the Dodgers were floating on the cusp of the division lead and the last Wild Card spot when they required Manny Ramirez, and then you know the story. An unprecedented offensive barrage by a new acqasition not seen in recent memory, that just fell short of a National League title. Then of course, once the ether wears off and Mannywood shuts down for the winter and things cool off faster than the weather, and then Manny gets bored and needs a change of scenery. Then perhaps an injury, an ejection, the need to ‘rest’ during a hot afternoon game and then the writing is on the wall. So now fast forward to 2010 where the Chicago White Sox find themselves four games out and in need of one more stick to perhaps push them over the top. “Who ya gonna call”? yep, and he probably will be just what the doctor ordered in the short run. He will provide that added punch in the middle of the lineup or as a DH, he will make the hitter in front of him much more productive, he will be a great clubhouse guy and keep the other guys loose, he will get clutch hits, and most of all put plenty of ‘cheeks in the seats’. Will it be enough to overcome a 4 game deficit with less than 50 games to go? That remains to be seen. However what you can count on is after the season regardless of if the Sox take the decision or not they will get a wild card of their own. It’s the quintessential ‘Enterprise rent a player’ that has defined recent MLB era (along with roids) but it does make for great theater, and even in retrospect the Dodgers would probably still sign up for that program and the Sox should too. Manny doesn’t promise the world, and certainly doesn’t deliver it, he’s a short term fix, a tourniquet for teams in need, but when the bleeding stops he will leave you in a lurch and wound will not be healed. But all of that is in the fine print at the bottom of the page so buyer beware. Will Manny take the White Sox to the division crown? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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