Friday, October 15, 2010

Is the ALCS a one-game series?

Yankees vs. Rangers – Texas had to pinching themselves on the way to the Ballpark this afternoon when it finally hit them that they were not only playing in the ALCS but HOSTING, and I don’t think this is a “be careful what you wish for” scenario because they’re exactly where they want to be and facing the club they want to beat. Obviously, we poke at the Yankees like most, with our evil empire comments, but also like so many, it’s done out of respect for an organization that has consistently been on the top since the invention of the game and you know you reach that stage when it only really makes news when you lose not when you win. With that in mind if you want to be the best, you gotta’ beat the best, and now the Rangers got them, and their 6’8 tight end ace CC is not only in their house, but they’ve sat down in kitchen and popped a brew. With all the nuances of the game/series itself, the deciding factor could be determined this afternoon with game 1 for a multitude or reasons. Firstly, there is home field advantage which will either be held by the Rangers or stolen by the Yankees. Both clubs won over 50 games at home this season (NY 52, TX 51) and although it probably doesn’t hold as much value as in the NFL or NBA, the Rangers seem to bring their stick to park more at home than on the road with a much better home batting average. Secondly, if you beat CC tonight then you get into the question mark that is the Yankee pitching staff. If you can get past CC then Yankees bring on Phil Hughes (18 game winner) who did go seven scoreless against the Twins but is still only in his second season and you don’t know how he’ll react to that kind of pressure. In game 3 it’s the crafty vet and Pettitte certainly delivered in his outing against the Twins but how many times can he deliver in the post season is the question. I think he has the heart of a lion and wouldn’t bet against him but in addition to the Rangers bats he’s fighting father time, whom seldom loses. Now if the October Yankees show up like it seems they always know how to come as the leaves turn brown then all of this is rhetoric and we’ll be the first to point out how it’s more of the same, conversely this is what pundits will be pointing to if Texas makes it to the classic for the first time in history. Who do you like in this series?

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