Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A pair of Aces in a hole

If it was the Heisman Trophy ceremony then David Price would be one of the finalist on the podium, and some believe to be the favorite, however if he loses game 5 of the ALDS tonight regardless of how the voting turns out it will seem like he didn’t live up to expectations. Particularly after his performance in game one, which wasn’t terrible but they did hit him, almost in every inning, and had multiple opportunities. In a deciding game, too many ducks on the pond usually leads to short hook because all it takes is a seeing-eye grounder or a ball off a shattered stick that finds a home and your season could be over. This is the very situation you have an ace on staff for, in a deciding game where the only other player you’ll need in the pen is a closer, maybe. Ala, Jack Morris or Orel Hershiser where the only way you’re taking them off the bump is on your shoulders in the midst of confetti. However, across the table sits the Texas Rangers with their ace Cliff Lee who would need a very similar introduction to describe what is expected of him, but the difference is that Lee is ‘all in’ on this hand and needs to cash in as his status as a free agent after this season is still up in the air and it would be a much easier sell to Daddy Nolan if the Rangers win their first series since he was the one with a ball in hand. No doubt Price will be in a Rays uniform next year even though that uniform may not know where IT will be, but this may be Lee’s last stand with “Walker” if the season ends, conversely, a win to bring the series home for the first time in years, and no one will question re-signing the ace that brought it home. Lastly, as we make it to the river card, the importance of this win to both franchises is gargantuan and that is not hyperbole. For the Rangers from Nolan, to solidify the new ownership, to Ron Washington with drug issues earlier in the season, and on down it breaks a string of futility that is not only not tolerated in the state of Texas, but could help bring them up from the cellar of Texas sports franchises where they sit behind the Horns, Cowboys, Texans, Mavericks, Stars, Spurs, Rockets, etc., even auto racing. As for the Rays it simply can not be over stated that this could be the most important game since the World Series as most of the team could and probably will be dismantled, and a series win is the only chance they have of retaining the talent that garnished the best record in Baseball this season. It also could be the ticket to a new home city or at least a new stadium but a loss and St. Pete could wish them good riddance. Suffice to say both are all in, so let’s turn em’ over! Who has more to lose other than the obvious, Price or Lee? Who do you think will have a better outing? Let us know here and in any of the quick links, also live chat with fans from both teams in our in-game chat rooms.

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