Friday, October 29, 2010

Rangers need some home cookin, and we need to remember 85'

To say that I’m surprised on how the first two games of the World Series have unfolded would be an understatement, but to say I’m disappointed wouldn’t be as most fans are. Not because we’re NL guys or Giants fans, but because when given the possibilities of who could of ended up in the Fall Classic and the different storylines, the final paring, and you can be honest, for most of us was a disappointment. At least I thought we would see a competitive series, and it still could be, but the one thing this series did have over most of the other 31 different combinations was the best pitching matchup (based on the season’s body of work) that any had with Lincecum and Lee. Needless to say Game was a disappointment in that regard, but if the game was close it would have made up for it but it was a sleeper, and unfortunately game 2 was even worse. It started out promising enough, and Cain certainly held up his end of the bargain, as it looked like the World Series gitters were out of the players systems and we’d see the good pitching and defense that the two had demonstrated throughout the post season, but that faded quickly and I found myself clicking over to TNT to check on the NBA. You don’t need a big market team when you get to this level, and college football is a great example of that, but what fans do want to see is play that resembles the title winners will hold for 12 months, World Champions, and six errors in game one, and starting pitchers that can’t get out of the fifth inning hardly qualifies. Don’t get me wrong the GMen are taking care of their business and for a team that specializes in manufacturing runs, scraping 2-out rallies, and mastering one-run games they certainly seem more like Yankees in regards to putting up big numbers on the scoreboard. It’s not that I don’t like offense, I just think it would be better if each team had a little. So before I write this one off and concede that the pundits were right let’s give the Rangers a chance to get back home, regroup, and become that team that beat the two teams with the best record in baseball en route to the show. Don’t forget, we referenced the 1985 series (Cards/Royals) when this one began as a 7-game series that was one of the best ever between two teams from the same state when most of the country wanted to see the first international World Series between the Dodgers and Jays and that series started out 2-0 as well, so I’m not giving up the cause. Are you still interested in this World Series? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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