Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Series could sway on the outcome of game 3

Back in the city by the bay the Giants could not have asked for a better opportunity. If someone would have told them they would have a three-game set at home, with ‘The Freak’ on the bump for the third they would surely take it, and they had better make it happen or it may be their last homestand of the season. I know they’ve stolen home field advantage and you have to like the way they’ve won every one-run game they’ve played in the post season this year, but it may be fool’s gold. Firstly, they have had virtually no production from the top half of their lineup as three of the first four are under .150, Sanchez .222 and the top is Burrell at .286. Additionally Uribe is listed as day-to-day with a sore wrist and even if he does go the chances of him catching up to the cheese of the Phillies’ arms is slim, and as great as he has been you cant expect Cody Ross, a season .269 hitter, to keep bailing them out, which is why they’re home dogs in game 3 at AT & T Park. Furthermore, another ‘go to guy’ during the season was the Panda who has yet to even register an at bat during this series. Going up against Hammels they will need age gem today from Matt Cain who needs to stay right around is ERA of 3.14 to keep them in it. It would be remised to not acknowledge that the Philly sticks were well in check until the 7th inning of game 2 and all eyes will be on weather that is a continuing trend or an aberration but they’ve gotta’ believe if they can get to Cain and put 4 or 5 on the board they’ve got a good chance of taking the series back to the city of brotherly love. Game 3 is pivotal not just because home field hangs in the balance but with a win in game 3 the GMen know they are just one game away from getting Lincecum on the mound with a chance to close it out and rest assured the Phillies know that too, and then the pressure completely shifts to their shoulders and don’t for minute think they don’t know what an impact the Ranger ace Cliff Lee has on that series which on paper should favor the Yankees. So much like the AL if there is one game which could portend the World Series representative, this is it. Can the Giants win it at home with the missing links in their lineup?

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