Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So the World Series is David vs. David, but is it good for baseball?

Bud Selig seems to like it, and Vegas did too as of the four scenarios not only was it the least likely but it also may be the leased liked. MLB did manage to get a 5 vs. 6 matchup as Dallas is the fifth largest TV market in the US and San Francisco is the 6th, and as much as it says it didn’t, it probably wanted a 1 vs. 4 which is what NY vs. Philly would have been. But there’s quite a bit of “what might have been going around this time of year, but what we do have are two of the best stone casters, giant killers, and resourceful clubs in recent memory in regards to making the most from the least. The Ranger’s payroll was the fourth lowest in the league at 55.2 million (keep in mind they’re still paying A-Rod 18 million) and they took down the Yankees whom notoriously have the highest payroll in the league at 206.3 million. Meanwhile the Giants are tenth in the league at 97.8 million but took down team with the fourth highest payroll in Philadelphia at 141.9 million. At the end of the day it doesn’t mean you don’t get what you pay for as the TV and merchandising make up the gap but it is good to know you can’t show to much forbearance towards the salary cap in lieu of a title run. So it’s a moral victory for the anti-establishment but will it be good for the game. Of all the pairings the Giants and Rangers will have the lowest ratings and won’t have the great storylines that a rematch between Phlilly and NYY would have had, but most of all it may be bad for baseball who have already seen their ratings drop tremendously including an embarrassing ratings lost by the ALCS to a terrible Monday Night Football game between the Jaguars and Titans in a head-to –head prime time ratings matchup. However, for the true fans of the game it could turn out to be a classic pitching duel with an amazing game 1 matchup between Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee, and for those of you old enough to remember the 85’ Series where no one outside of the state of Missouri was supposed to care, and if so they missed one of the best series of all time as the I-70 Series between the Cards and Royals went all seven games. Hopefully the Giants will continue their 2010 “torture tour” so we’ll be in for several one-run games and if the rest of the country can get over the fact that their club isn’t playing they just might be in store for another great Fall Classic. Will you be watching the World Series? Let us know here and in any of the quick links, also live chat with fans from both teams in our in-game chat rooms.
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