Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Freak Show is the best in the world

Well we didn’t get our repeat of the 85’ series and it did turn out to be a sleeper so to all of the negative pundits you can put one in your cap. However, while you wallow in your greatness take a moment to acknowledge the brilliance (and that is not hyperbole) of the Giants pitching staff. After struggling to get a win with their Cy Young award winner in game one the Giant pitching staff was nothing short of masterful after giving up one mistake, to the number nine hitter in the lineup resulting in a 3-run jack from Mitch Moreland (by the way the ONLY Rangers hitter that batted over .250), Texas didn’t have another multi-run inning the rest of the series. Keep in mind this was the club with the highest team batting average in the league over the course of the year and was held to .190 for the series. Moreover, the rangers 3, 4, and 5 hitters compiled a futile .123 average over the course of the series as the rangers scored only 5 runs after their game one outburst of seven. You, can question some of the managerial decisions but not many as Washington did what he had to do to try and shake things up but it seemed like all of Bochy’s moves paid off, from having Uribe hit rather than sacrifice, then having Huff sacrifice rather than hit, only to get immediate dividends as Edgar cashed them both in with the Series winning home run. Of course no one, even Bochy could have seen the Giants’ bats coming alive the way they did as the club known for winning one-run games didn’t have to endure even one in the World Series. At the end of the day it looked like the Rangers ran out of gas after taking out the Rays and Yankees but no excuses here, the better team won, and that’s why it’s a seven-game series rather than a one-game championship because no one can argue results. So save the banter about the Giants getting hot at the right time or not even qualifying for the playoffs until the final game of the season, because those proclamations carry as much weight as the American League being far superior, the AL East being the toughest division (where was their representative in the WS), and the NL West being the weakest (actually had the highest WL pct top to bottom) , because as unlikely or “freaky” as they were that show was, it turned out to be the best in the world. What were your thoughts on the 2010 World Series?
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